Ashley and Bryan

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Our First House

How We Met

Our story I guess you could say is a typical one for today’s times. We met online. Bryan had just gotten back from his final deployment and was living in Bradenton. I was a senior at USF (Tampa campus) finishing my bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. We met on a dating app and after a month of Bryan asking me to meet him for dinner I finally agreed. Needless to say I’m thankful that he is a patient and persistent man! From the day we met it was just easy! He let me know right away that he would be moving to Daytona Beach to finish his schooling at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University but together we decided to see if the whole distance thing was going to work while we were on opposite costs in Florida. It obviously worked out just fine because like I said from the day we met everything about our relationship was just easy. The picture is from our third date; the USF vs UCF football game. It was also Bryan’s first college football game as well as the first picture we have together.

how they asked

I love to tell this story! Bryan and I had been living together for a few months after dating for about a year and a half. We decided that we were tired of paying rent and that it was time to start looking for our first house together.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Our First House

The process was not easy. We had a house fall through a week before we were to close which meant we had to start the process all over again and this time we had a lot less time! We ended up finding the perfect house and got the process done in what felt like record time. Four months later after a ton of paperwork, stress, and tears we bought our first house together. After we signed the closing papers the first thing we wanted to do was change the locks. My mom was with us as we drove to the house to change the locks before starting to move stuff in. Bryan had his tool kit all out and ready to go. He called me to come help him because it was our first house and he felt it was something that we should do together. He asked me to open up the one drawer to hand him a tool and their sat my beautiful ring. He was on one knee he took the ring and asked me to marry him inside our first house together. Turns out my mom and him had been planning this since we found out the closing date and he knew the ring would be there before then.