Ashley and Bryan

How We Met

I met Bryan at a mutual friend’s house party in June 2013, it was a brief encounter, no sparks flying just yet. We reconnected on New Year’s Eve that year & began talking. We’ve been inseparable ever since. Just a month ago I was going through old photos my friends had posted on Facebook and found that Bryan had photobombed a picture of us at that party where we first met, neither of us knew he was photobombing his future wife.

Image 1 of Ashley and Bryan

how they asked

Bryan proposed to me very cleverly with a trip to the Christmas Tree farm in Gobles, MI. We were on the search for the perfect tree for our 2nd Christmas together. We went on a horse carriage ride we thought would drop us off at the tree sites, it actually was just a family friendly carriage ride. Once the ride was complete we got out into the farm looking for our perfect tree.

Once we found that tree, Bryan got down on one knee to begin the cutting & quickly reached into his pocket to pull out the ring to surprise me, the whole time I’m clueless snapping photos. I was shocked & so extremely happy!

Image 2 of Ashley and Bryan