Ashley and Brody

How We Met

Brody and I met playing tennis at Lexington County Tennis Center. Brody was 12 and I was 13 at the time. We became best friends and were friends for years before we started dating.

how they asked

Brody graduated from the University of South Carolina. Although, I did not graduate from there it was an important place to me as well. I have lived in South Carolina all of my life and sports and gamecocks were supported in my household. So, it is fit that Brody proposed on the historic horseshoe on USC campus.

Here is the story.It was new years eve, we were getting ready to go to my aunts house to have dinner with my family. Then we were planning on going downtown to watch the fireworks with friends. I had just gotten out of the shower and gotten dressed when Brody told me to hurry up because one of our friends was walking her dog and was having car trouble. So we left and drove to to some part of USC campus and parked. (Stupid me, it didn’t dawn on me that if a friend was having car trouble we should probably go meet her where her car was). Anyway we start walking, and it was FREEZING outside and I had wet hair. We walked forever and I was getting more mad by the second because I hate being cold.

I finally see our friend and without thinking walked towards her not realizing Brody was not behind me. I got to our friend and was like what is going on? She was just looking at me strange and said Ash, I think you need to turn around. So I did and when I turned around Brody was down on one knee.

As I walked over to him he said “if you cry, I will not give it to you”. I immediately hugged him and he put the ring on my finger. And he said so I guess that is a yes and I said yes.

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