Ashley and Brian

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How We Met

Ashley and I met in 5th grade, we were about 11 years old at the time and thanks to her bestfriend who was in my class at the time introduced us (she totally came on to me first). The first thing she noticed was my curly hair (which I sadly don’t have anymore but thankfully she’s totally into the shaved head). After that, we remained friends and we attended the same elementary school. Sometime around 8th grade we started talking and that is when we first started dating, we had mutual interest in anime (Inuyasha), hanging out in the mall playing DDR and doing teen things. After 8th grade we went to separate highschools, we drifted apart for a few years and once again.. A mutual friend of ours was hanging out with her because they were in the same club. I called my friend to hang out with him and she picked up and was like “hey do you remember me?” I’m like… “Ashley, omg is that you!?”, after that we immediately chose a day to hang out as a group together and after that we exchanged #’s and surprise were dating once again. Fast forward into the next stage of our lives, college… Once again different colleges, we separated, I felt like I needed to experience “the college life”, she dormed and I just wasn’t willing to learn to try and work it out… I figured out that choosing that was the biggest mistake of my life because everything I’ve done it made me think of her, I realized that I wanted to be with her, that I wanted to experience this life together and that it was something I needed to do. I tried getting in contact with her, we started talking again and this time I said it “I’m going to make this work.” Years pass by, we learn new things about eachother, we laugh, we cry, we argue but most importantly is that we didn’t give up. We took the leap in trying to learn to grow as a couple, we are human, we have things that we do like and things that we don’t like but we manage and adjust. After some time passing I proposed to her, I asked her family, I invited friends but I didn’t make it magical, I was a nervous wreck and didn’t fully think about the impact this would have in our lives. We didn’t even take engagement photos, Ashley, because she is a photographer actually had us take photos and we had our own mini shoot but to think about the posing and the shooting and the props it was alot. After 2 furbabies and living together for a few years we finally started talking about the big day…. October 30, 2020 this is it this is the big day that we will get married, the time that we will take the next step in our storybook.

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How They Asked

So As you saw what I wrote earlier, what I did wasn’t really romantic or creative in anyway and after all of this time I really felt like this was something she deserved. Once we booked a real engagement shoot I said.. You know it would be awesome if I could re-propose… I think that would actually surprise her. So we randomly stumbled upon engagement rings on instagram and she kept talking about a pear shaped ring that she loved, she loved the style she loved the rose gold and I said… (this is the best part) “Hm… looks nice” and I just played it off and continued doing my own thing. A few weeks later I purchased the ring and I was like okay step 1 down, step 2… Gotta make this AWESOME.. Since she’s a photographer I said I want this proposal to have something to do with photography.. so, I googled “engagement box for photographer” and next thing you know I stumbled upon and saw that they have an actual ring box that is a camera lens. Step 2 (check) now onto step 3 which was the actual act of re-proposing without giving away the secret.. I did the best thing, I told NO-ONE until the day of, thankfully my sisters came to watch our furbabies so that we can include them in our photos. I also told our photographer a few months prior. So while taking photos and warming up to our photographer we finally moved to this open space where I believed it was the right time. I lied to the photographer and Ashley and I was like “Hey Kyla, can you recreate this photo I saw on instagram?” I showed her my phone and it actually had in bold letters “I AM READY TO PROPOSE” she acts swiftly with me and we start positioning Ashley and I’m like “Oh this photo is gonna come out great” I get on one knee and surprise!!!!!!!!!!! She turns around and has no idea what was going on. This was a truly magical moment getting her reaction and one of the best feelings that I have ever felt. The shoot was amazing, it felt magical, it took my breath away seeing what we created.. I would have not wanted this with anyone else, she means everything to me and I just have one thing to say to all of the people out there… As hard as it may be, as difficult as it may feel, if you know that person is who you want to be with and you are BOTH willing to learn and grow and change.. It is worth it 100%. Love is love and it won’t be the answer for everything but it can be the answer for alot of things because as long as you try to love with all that you got… You know the effort will be 110%

Special Thanks

Kyla Jeanette
 | Photographer
Kelo Design
 | Ring Box