Ashley and Brandon

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How We Met

Brandon and I met the modern way: by swiping right and matching on the Tinder dating app (swoon!) in December 2016. At that time Brandon was on Christmas break in PA but resided in San Diego, CA. We went on a lot of fun dates and after a couple of months, I visited Brandon for a couple of weeks and eventually decided to make the cross-country move. We traveled everywhere together and I saved all of our ticket stubs and trinkets along the way to put in our scrapbook. We traveled to the Dominican Republic, Turks, and Caicos, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, St. Thomas, all over California, both Universal and Disney Parks, and New Smyrna Beach, Florida. We also visited a lot of states while driving across the country together to live in New Smyrna Beach, FL, and now currently reside in Pennsylvania with our fur babies Cinder and Ella. We are happiest when we are at the beach or any Margaritaville. During our marriage we plan to visit every Margaritaville and Landshark Bar and Grille in the world.

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How They Asked

Brandon proposed on December 23rd of 2020 with the help of a self-illustrated book that shared all of our favorite moments together. At the end of the book it asked me to marry him and needless to say, I said yes! Well, screamed it actually. He was supposed to propose at my favorite place at Christmas time, Hershey Park Candy Lane by the reindeer but could tell I subconsciously knew that something big might happen and could not stop going to the bathroom, so had to improvise.

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I didn’t know he was going to propose but could sense he planned some sort of surprise and when I’m anxious I can’t eat and he knows me so well that it’s just best to not drag anything out for too long. I also never told him this but whenever he would propose I wanted him to talk about specific moments in our relationship and instead he wrote about them and illustrated them all in a book! I was so happy and blown away by this! We celebrated our engagement at our favorite restaurant in Hershey, PA, Fennicis, and topped it off with some hot chocolate at Hershey Park Candy lane.

We had a James Bond theme for our engagement photos and love how they turned out!

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Special Thanks

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