Ashley and Brandon

How We Met

Brandon and I always joke that we should come up with a more exciting story on how we met. Every time people ask us, we awkwardly look at each other and hesitate when we tell them. Believe it or now, we met on Tinder! We marched over the summer around July in 2014. We talked some and became Snapchat friends but that’s about it. Around October we began snapping more frequently and I all but begged him to hang out ha! We finally had our first date at Outback on November 7th, 2014 and the rest is history!

Ashley and Brandon's Engagement in At the school I work at.

Ashley's Proposal in At the school I work at.

how they asked

I was at a weekly meeting when they called us down to the library, where my class was in the special area. Our principal was telling us some materials came in to help us with our students. I walked around the corner and 5 of my students popped out from behind a wall holding signs that said: “Ashley will you marry me?” I was so confused and couldn’t believe what was happening! Brandon came out from a spot he was hiding and got down on one knee. I said yes, of course!

Then I saw my mom, who is my best friend. It was the most perfect proposal. Everyone that I love and care about had a part in it. My students, my mom, and my best friend made the signs. It was so perfect.