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How We Met

Matagorda, Tx was never a place Braden and Ashley ever expected to meet their future spouse. Both spending their summers out on the water fishing or visiting the beach in Matagorda was a pretty typical weekend for the both of them.After many years of Ashley’s family spending their summer weekends piled in to a camper trailer in the harbor, her parents decided to build a house a little further in town in the “barndominium” subdivision.” After breaking ground, the blue barn neighbors that just so happened to be Braden’s parents Randy and Charlotte started coming over and started to become friends with Ashley’s parents Dwayne and Josette. Little did they know that this was the start of a beautiful friendship with Ashley meeting Randy and Charlotte and Braden meeting Dwayne and Josette but with Ashley and Braden never crossing paths for over 4 years.

Fast forward to Labor Day weekend of 2016 Randy and Dwayne went out on a normal deep sea fishing trip. Ashley was driving in from Austin to spend the holiday weekend at the coast and Braden was driving in from the Woodlands to also spend the weekend in Matagorda. The two of them made it to the coast and heard that their Dad’s were close to being in, so they decided to go meet them down at the docks to see what they caught. Ashley saw Charlotte and went to go tell her hi and that’s when she introduced her son Braden to Ashley. Braden being the typical Southern Gentleman he is took off his hat and shook Ashley’s hand introducing himself. If you ask their mom’s that were standing right there they would explain that moment as “fireworks” or a “spark” between the two of them. After meeting, Braden and Ashley couldn’t get each other off of their minds. Josette and Ashley ran off to grab dinner with some friends at the Waterfront and Braden hung out with the guys. The Sunday before the Monday of Labor Day, Ashley, Dwayne, Ryan and Kori mentioned to Josettethat she should invite the Riha’s over for a fish fry. Ashley joking that this is a great way to be able to see Braden again before the weekend was over. Josette texted Charlotte and the evening was set. Randy, Charlotte and Braden were coming over. That whole evening was filled with good food, drinks, laughs and Ashley and Braden stealing glances at each other from across the room. The evening ended and the long weekend was quickly coming to a close.

Braden headed back to the Woodlands and Ashley made her way back to Austin. Braden thinking that he couldn’t let Ashley get away that quickly came up with a plan of how to stay in contact. He quickly added her on Facebook and after she accepted he send her a Facebook message that he had one of his best girl friends read over and give some feedback. After a day of chatting on Facebook messenger he asked for her number and continued chatting via texts. A few texts in he mentioned that he was going to be out working in West Texas for two weeks but on his way back he asked if he could drop by in Austin and take Ashley out on date. She quickly agreed and those 2 weeks flew by and consisted of them texting everyday! When Braden finally arrived to Austin, Ashley completely dismantled the romantic date he had planned and said that they should go on a hike at Mount Bonnell and then out to dinner at a local Mexican food restaurant. Braden quickly changed out of his best blue jeans, pressed shirt and boots in to a more casual shorts and t-shirts and Ashley well if you know Ashley she was already in nike shorts and a t-shirt. The date was filled with nervous laughter and margaritas. After the date ended and you could say the rest is history. Every weekend after was filled with Braden driving to Austin to pick Ashley up to go to the Ranch or on some other sort of adventure. They spent every holiday together and traveled to San Antonio, New York City and too many other towns to count in between. A year later, Braden asked Ashley to be his best friend for life and to be his wife. She excitedly said YES and now they are currently planning a wedding all because of a little coastal town and their mom’s scheming to get them together.

Ashley's Proposal in Treaty Oaks Distillery

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how they asked

I told Braden when we started talking about getting engaged that I wanted a few things. 1. I wanted to be surprised, 2. I wanted a photographer to capture the moment and 3. That I wanted my Mom there and boy did he deliver on all of those requests. It was the week before and I was out of town traveling for work and Braden put the idea in my head that on Sunday we would drive south of Austin and do a “Sunday Funday” at a distillery we’ve been wanting to try since I’d been traveling all week and I really needed a drink when I got back. So Sunday morning, I lazily woke up and instantly regretted agreeing to go day drinking since all I really wanted to do was lay around the apartment and order pizza, but Braden insisted we go and promised that we would have lunch at the place. On the way down to Treaty Oaks we got caught up in some major traffic and Braden kept apologizing that the drive was taking so long. Once we finally arrived at the distillery, Braden decided we should go get a drink and then walk down and take pictures at this creek. That’s when the first alarm went off in my head, we had never been to this place so how in the world did Braden know there was a creek. I of course told myself that I was being ridiculous and that there was no way he was proposing today. I knew my Mom was busy and that his parents were out of town too. At this point but was super hungry and realized that the “creek” that Braden wanted to walk down to was by the restaurant and I could totally convince him to finally grab lunch right after we took a few pictures. As we were walking down the trail, I see a wooden barrel under the huge oak trees and that’s when it hits me… we aren’t going to a “creek” this IS IT! So queue the awkward dead silence between Braden and I. Right as he leads me to the barrel, I see written on top “Ashley, Will You Marry Me?” and he instantly starts talking about how I’m his best friend and he wants to spend forever with me. He then bends over and pulls a little box out of his boot, gets down on one knee and asks me the easiest question… Will I spend forever with him? The jury is still out on if I actually audibly said yes or if my uncontrollable shaking and nodding of my head counted! After putting the most gorgeous ring on my finger and kissing him, he points out the 2 photographers capturing the moment. He then points up to the restaurant window and say by the way, your mom, brother, sister in law and his parents have all been watching from the window. I look up and see them all waving and jumping up and down. They then quickly run down shouting congratulations and I’m quickly figuring out that this is the seriously the best day of my life and I get to spend forever and do life with best friend!

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