Ashley and Benjamin

How We Met

Ben and I met at a worship night at our church. I was standing talking with a few friends and he came up to our group. I commented “I like your shirt” because it was a beautiful Carolina Tarheel Blue and then asked him if he was a UNC Fan. He immediately shook his head no and exclaimed that he was a die hard NC State Fan ( Of course he had to love my rival team haha!). He added me on Facebook the next day and asked me out to coffee and caribou coffee (we still do caribou dates and sit at the same table <3).

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how they asked

Benjamin is in the military and was gone a lot for work. While he was gone, we would write snail mail letters back and forth to each other even though we talked everyday on the phone. It was really exciting to open up the mailbox and have a hand written love letter. On a random Wednesday, I was leaving work and had plans to hang out with one of my friends that night. I got a call from my friend saying she would be at my apartment at 7 for a girls night. I parked my car walked in the door and saw a trail of paper leading from my bedroom.

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Now, I have to admit that at first glance I thought it was trash from my trash can that my roommates dog might have gotten into. SO, I immediately got angry, threw down my purse and stomped in my room to find Benjamin down on one knee wearing the same blue shirt I commented on when we first met. My face went from anger to confusion to tears once I realized what was happening. After I said yes I realized that the paper trail was actually the letters that we had written back and forth and he had saved them! :)

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how he got the ring

Another sweet detail was my ring! My only grandmother who I am extremely close with has breast cancer and while visiting her in the hospital one day I told that if something ever happened to her I wanted her mothers ring which has the birthstones of all 7 of her children. I always remembered sitting in her lap as a child and admiring it and twisting it around her finger and after my dad passed away when I was 13, I always stared at the topaz stone and remembered my dad. Ben remembered this, and had our birthstones put inside the band of my engagement ring and said we could add our kids birthstones down the road just like my grandmothers ring. How sweet is he! My husband designed my ring and upgraded the diamond to a Leo diamond. It has a vintage feel and I absolutely love it!

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