Daniel and Ashley

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How We Met

Daniel was my client for a year and a little bit before ever asking me to hang out. He had a really hard time finding a decent haircut in Charlotte after moving back from Europe and was referred from a friend to go to me, so when he realized he liked me he was nervous that if it didn’t work out he’d lose a girlfriend AND a hairstylist. We went to dinner once before he left for Barcelona for a month, just to see if there was anything there, and ended up talking for 4 hours about life and goals and what we wanted individually in our futures. The entire month that he was gone we facetimed, whatsapped or searched for wifi to be able to communicate as much as possible from 2 very different time zones. Thankfully we clicked outside of just the small talk we were used to in the salon and he’s been the most stable, kind person I’ve ever had in my life.

how they asked

He tricked me into thinking that going to Charleston for a much needed get away was my idea. Little did I know, everything was already set up. After a very regular day, we walked to the end of the pier at sunset to talk about life and what we wanted to do in the upcoming year. At the end of the pier he said he had a surprise for me and pulled out a box from his jacket pocket. He got down on one knee and I think I blacked out because I don’t know what he said but I walked back down the pier to dinner with a fiancé on my arm.

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