Ashley and Anthony


How We Met

Ashley and I met in 2012. My mom had been a client at Ashley’s work for about a year, and after all that time she never mentioned her son (Ashley and my mom had grown to be friends). All of Ashley’s co workers had been trying to set her up on dates forever but she always turned them down. One random day my mom decides to mention me to Ashley’s co-worker and immediately she gets called over for yet again another set up! My mom shows her my picture (apparently Ashley wasn’t so thrilled) and my mom says, “just go out with him even if you are just friends!”


My mom sends me a few photos of Ashley and immediately I knew she was the one, she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. 30 minutes later I text her, 2 days…later she finally texted me back agreeing to go out. On our date, the world just turned around us as we talked and talked for two and half hours without taking a bite of our food. We spend everyday together from then on and the rest is history …


how they asked

It was September 4th, 2014! (Right after my brothers birthday) We both had a day off that day and Anthony told me he wanted to go downtown and be “touristy”. I literally had no idea he was going to propose that day. I had actually talked myself out of the fact that he was ever going to propose! So.. we are on our way downtown (I learned he purposely started a fight with me to throw me off), we are fighting, he can’t find parking, and we decide to go to the Planetarium. I’m thinking.. “oh great.. this will be a good day we are both in bad moods”. When we get to the planetarium of course we get there two hours before they close so we only get to see one show about earth.


When the show starts Anthony gets up to “go to the bathroom” little did I know he was planning this whole engagement with the staff! (He said he was so nervous and he wasn’t even planning on doing it there). After the show ends Anthony tells me to just wait a few minutes because he wanted to ask the guy something, I’m oblivious still. After some time, the room goes dark and the whole room is lit up in stars and some music starts to play, it was like a dream… that’s when he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.


Where to Propose in The Planetarium

It was the best day of my life!


Special Thanks

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