Ashley and Andy


How We Met

My fiancé and I met over the typical social media, random friend request sorta thing and that’s all it was for some time. We never spoke , just occasionally liked pictures back and forward. One day I came across a picture his page , it was grey Camaro with black racing strips ( my DREAM car ). You can say I was pretty much obsessed lol. Minutes later I received a message from Andy Singh “Hi❤️” , we talked , laughed and grew really close over a short period of time . On May 3rd 2013, it was just a normal day , we had our usually cute good morning text messages and ending the day with our nightly video chats. Just as we were about to fall asleep, he asked me to be his girlfriend, of course the first thing i said was ” haha you’re joking right ?”. I felt so bad for laughing at him because he was being 100% serious and I said yes.

About a few weeks later , Andy wrote me a beautiful love letter expressing his feelings and where he sees us in the future. Reading the letter brought so many tears to my eyes because here I am reading the most beautiful love letter from the sweetest guy ever who has a clear vision of where he wants us to go in the future and that’s a beautiful feeling. He ending the letter with “I love you “. Three years later , we’ve grown so much but I’m proud to say that he’s still the man I fell in love with plus so much more. Living in Different states has thought us to appreciate both the emotional and physical aspects of love. It’s the best feeling in the world to know the person laying besides you is the present and future.


how they asked

The topic of engagement comes up here and there mostly around our parents whenever they were talking about us settling down. I was never the type of girl to demand what kind of ring I wanted or how I wanted the proposal to be done. April 29th , one of the most magical days in my life. It started out like any other ordinary day, I had that weekend off so I went up to Connecticut to see Andy, to celebrate our anniversary a few days early since it was falling during the middle of the work week. We went shopping to get something nice to wear for dinner , reservations were made at the Tuscany restaurant in the Mohegan Sun. He picked out a simple yet elegant white laces dress and honestly I was a little hesitant to wear it because I’m like wait this is way to short for me. But Andy , the smooth talker he is assured me that is was perfect for the occasion and i looked beautiful in it.

Now let’s be honest which woman wouldn’t melt when they hear their man compliment them.  After our intimate candle light dinner, we walked around the entire casino, there was one sculpture that I wished I could have taken home with us. It was glass blown with different abstract shapes and colors sitting right over a wishing pond. Andy suggested that we take a picture In front of the sculpture and of course I pulled out my phone ready to take a selfie. But he had already asked a man to do it for us and a lot of people started to gather around us but I didn’t pay any attention to it. He came up to me and whispered “do you love me” , I said yes of course I do but stop talking and let’s take the picture before the guy runs away with your phone.

He pulled me in closer and said “kiss me” but yet again I responded saying the same thing once again. Within the blink of an eye, Andy got down on one knee, pulled out a Zales box (which was stuck in his pocket might I add ) and the first thing I did before even seeing the ring was run away. But thankfully I didn’t get far lol because he grabbed onto my arm and said “baby will you marry me”. I was in complete shock, I couldn’t believe what was happening, the crowd began to scream say yes say yes. With the biggest smile on my face and tears of joy I said YESSSS !!


I was in complete shock , I couldn’t believe what was happening, the crowd began to scream say yes and with the biggest smile on my face and tears in my eyes I said “YESSSS!!!”