Ashley and Andrew

The day was here.  The day I had been planning my entire life, just not knowing that the person I would be asking was Ashley. Family and friends were all ready and waiting to celebrate the popping of that very important question, “Will You Marry Me?”   I planned a trip out to our favorite vineyard Bedel.  We would take a tour of the premesis with our friends Stacie and Pete, and once in the vineyards I would drop down on one knee and propose.  But, this wouldn’t be a normal story had at least one thing not gone wrong.  As we were about to start the tour, none other than Mimi walks through the front door and of course Ashley sees her.  This put Ashley on high alert, which ended up working in my favor becasue I got to watch her freak out for the next 30 minutes not knowing was was happening.  Was Mimi there for something involving us?  Time would tell…  We did a quick tour, promptly got outside and Stacie and Pete went “to the bathroom”  It was just Ashley and I.  I said my cute speech that made Ashley cry, dropped down to my knee, asked her to marry me, and got the answer I could only dream of… YES!

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 6.41.25 PM

Seconds later, my two lovely sisters come running and screaming arms up in the air, and then we can see friends and family in the pavillion outside waiting to celebrate.  After many glasses of wine, good food and time spent with great people, Ashley finally took the time to look at her ring and it was settled.  We were engaged!  It has been a great engagement, and this wedding will make both of our lives that much more complete.