Ashley and Andrew

How We Met

We met on March 6, 2016, at an event called Miracle on the Mile in Coral Gables. One of my best girlfriends told me she was meeting up with some friends there so we decided to go. When he and I arrived, across the street was her friend and of course, he had brought someone along. Little did I know that someone would be my future husband. As soon as I saw him, I felt gravitated towards him and come to find out months later he did too. I was so nervous to talk to him because I just found him so handsome. But once we did talk, we instantly connected! It felt as though we had known each other forever! As the day went on, he decided to buy me a beer. As he was in line to buy the drink I had to leave to go to a family get together. Unfortunately, no numbers were exchanged but that didn’t stop us from thinking about one another. Two weeks went by and sure enough, we saw each other again because of mutual friends. We danced. We laughed. It was the best night yet! Finally, he asked me for my number and texted me soon after to make sure I had gotten home safe. He didn’t want to wait so long to see one another again so we went out on a date a few days later. I was so nervous yet again! He came and picked me up at my house, met my parents, held open the door for me, and was a true gentleman throughout the night. He had done his research too! He asked my bestie where I would like to go and ultimately he took me to YardHouse, one of my favorite places to eat. As soon as he ordered the Calamari as an appetizer I knew that our palates and our hearts were meant to be together forever!

How They Asked

When we first started dating, in 2016, my family and I went to Europe. When I came back all I could talk about was how beautiful Paris was and how much I fell in love with the Eiffel Tower! He regretted not being able to attend that trip and always said we would go to Europe one day. Fast forward to Father’s Day 2019 where my family and we decided last minute to book a European Cruise that would go to London, Paris, and Spain! I didn’t think anything of it because we do family trips all the time. Little did I know, this was all part of a larger plan. At this point, he had already asked my parents, my grandparents, his parents, and his grandparents for their blessing to marry me! It was just a matter of how/ where he would ask! When we booked the trip, I had some suspicions so I immediately told my best friend and she assured me that nothing would happen because it was too obvious! So I let it go. However, she was in on the surprise since the beginning! A few days before the trip, my mom told me she hired a photographer to do a family picture in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Paris

A friend of hers recently did the same thing a few months before and the pictures had come out beautiful. This raised my suspicions again but I didn’t want to get myself excited. Finally, we take a train to Paris and meet in front of Trocadero, a beautiful location with a gorgeous view of the Eiffel Tower. I had always mentioned I would love to take pictures there so my suspicions grew even more! Sadly we walked away from Trocadero to meet with the photographer, Rachael, on a bridge called Pont de Bir-Hakeim. That was when I had convinced myself nothing would happen. Once we arrive the view is GORGEOUS! We meet with Rachael and she immediately has my parents, my brothers, Andrew and I pose to take this beautiful family photo. She asked me to place my hands on his chest and I could feel his heart POUNDING as if it were to jump out! I got so nervous my knees began to buckle. Finally, Rachael asked us to pose for a photo together.

Where to Propose in Paris

Andrew and she had come up with a secret word to signal when he was getting down on one knee. As we were posing looking at each other, which felt like an eternity, he said the magic word and began to pull out a ring. I began to cry (which is rare for me because I don’t cry often). He finally got down on one knee and said how much he loved me and how he wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and I didn’t even let him finish before saying YES! My dream finally came true! The man that I am in love with asked me to marry him in the most romantic city in front of my family! I cried, even more, when he told me he began planning to propose since December!

Special Thanks

Rachael Laporte
 | Photographer