Ashley and Andrew

how we met

Well it was top secret but three years and a wedding planned I guess the truth can come out. I swiped right!!

how they asked

We had been looking at rings in I believe April 2018. After searching and searching I found the perfect one. He said we are not buying just looking! The next day he said he was buying it, but I wasn’t sure if he was serious. Then comes October 2018, I had been waiting and waiting to see if it was going to happen. Fall is both our favorite season and we had talked before that it would be the perfect time of year to get engaged. October 7th rolls around and we absolutely love to go to brown county state park to hike. We went but it was the hottest day of October I swear!!

We stopped at a look out point and there were other people there and the grass was super tall I remember standing and looking at the view. He says let’s go somewhere else there’s a ton of people, so we move to the second spot. There is absolutely no one and a picnic table under some trees. We sit and talk and he says I’ll be right back he goes to the car and grabs something and I asked for my drink too. He comes back I’m sitting on table and he says close your eyes I have a surprise. I close them and cover them with hands, he says opens. I look and it’s my beautiful ring we picked out together he says “will you marry me” nervously and of course I break down crying and say yes! That spot is “our spot” now we go there frequently and I absolutely love it even more now.

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