Ashley and Almir

How We Met

We met almost 7 years ago at a little bar in Lethbridge through mutual friends! He asked for my number before I left and asked me on our first date a few days later!

How They Asked

About five years prior to our engagement we met in a little bar in Lethbridge, Alberta. He caught my eye numerous times before when I was out with my friends but I was too shy to say anything, as was he. Finally, when we met through some of our mutual friends one night, we just clicked. I knew I was going to marry him one day. We went through so much at such a young age between moving to two different cities and the loss of his dad – all within the first two years of our relationship, but we continued pushing through.

On a freezing cold December day, he planned a couple photoshoot for us just for fun by one of my friends Hailey. At the end of the shoot, she said we should go to a property where they hold lots of weddings as it has nice areas to take photos. When we got there, it said a private property do not enter, so there was NO way I was going. Little did I know he had booked this time for us to be there. After a lot of convincing, I decided if we were quick, I’d go.

Proposal Ideas Lethbridge

When we walked down the path toward this mansion with beautiful land, all I could see were small sparkling lights everywhere. We walked toward the gazebo where (at the time I had no idea) he had wrapped hanging lights EVERYWHERE to make it absolutely stunning. Once we stood up at the gazebo, I saw the light up, sparkling letters.

By the time I turned around to look at him and realize what they spelled, he was down on one knee asking me to be with him forever. My friend was able to catch everything on camera and brave the cold just for us. We are so thankful we have this memory forever and I cannot wait to marry my best friend this year!

Ashley's Proposal in Lethbridge

Special Thanks

Hailey Duke
 | Photographer