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My fiancé took secret photos of me and the ring in different areas of our apartment before our engagement without me noticing! ? When he asked for my dad‘s blessing before he asked he did the same thing to my dad! Lol ?? He then surprised me with a proposal in Malibu Beach! In the corner of my eye I see my brother who is a videographer running across the sand capturing the whole thing on video with beautiful pictures.. ♥️ I was so shocked to see him there!! After our engagement I kept asking my fiancé when he was going to post the pictures that my brother took and he kept saying he needed time to think about posting and I was wondering why? When he posted our engagement photos that’s when I saw all the secret pictures he had been taking leading up to the engagement! It made me think how long he had the ring for and how he pulled it off! So risky, so creative, so him!

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