Ashley and Alex

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How We Met

Believe it or not, Alex and I had lived in the same neighborhood and on the same street (I lived on the side with the culde-sac and he lived on the side that the main road passes through) for majority of our lives. We had never met or crossed paths until our moms set us up on a blind date together. Neither of us had ever been on a blind date, so we weren’t sure what to expect. We went to see the movie Deadpool on March 11 and we hit it off instantly.

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Before I knew it, I was telling him stories and opening up to him like a book. We began dating and fell in love not much long after. Through all of our adventures and the laughs and memories that came with them, Alex and I knew that we were not only best friends, but soul mates.

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how they asked

On a cold winter day in January, Alex and I took a half day vacation with some of our siblings to Breckinridge for the ice sculpture showings. When we returned home we had plans (that had been in the works for nearly a month prior to the day) to go ice skating at a beautiful rink in downtown Denver. We returned home and he went with his family to the rink and I drove down with mine. I remember walking to the arena and being in awe of the beauty that surrounded me- the brightly colored holiday lights that were dusted with snow, the music playing overhead, and the life of the city- all of it was so magical and breathtaking. Alex and I began to skate around a little bit to practice on the ice. We were there for maybe fifteen minutes when out of the blue I heard the beginning to our song (So Easy by Phillip Phillips) start to play. I knew it couldn’t be a coincidence that this exact song would be played.

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Instinctively, I turned around. Alex looked caught off guard and he got on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage. I couldn’t believe it! All of the people on the skating rink stopped and cheered. I began to tear up and cry and realized that being emotional on ice skates wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. His family and mine came running over to take pictures and celebrate. He ran off and grabbed two massive bouquets of pink and red roses, flowers he planned on having before the song played. It was a fairy-tale come true!

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