Ashley and Alberto

How We Met

We met in Duluth Mn, in my apartment kitchen about three years ago. I came home from work one day and my new roommate had invited a bunch of friends over and Alberto was one of them. We slowly got to know each other after a few months of hanging out in the same friend group and quickly fell in love. Around 7 months later I found out he was being stationed by the Army back in his home of Puerto Rico. We were both devastated but agreed to try and make long distance work. For a year and a half I flew back and forth from Minnesota to Puerto Rico every couple months, it was one of the hardest things for the both of us being apart from each other but we made it work. I eventually moved to Puerto Rico about a year ago, the exact day before Hurricane Maria which was not planned but I was not able to change my ticket and I didn’t want him to be alone during the storm. What was susposed to be the happiest time of our lives finally living together was quickly turned into 4 long months of no power, hot days with no AC, and waiting in long gas and grocery lines. Through it all we came out stronger and realized that we can make it through whatever life throws at us.

how they asked

Almost a year after the hurricane I and Alberto decided to take a trip to Italy so that I could finally meet his sister and her family who were also stationed with the Army over there. It was the trip of a lifetime, traveling through Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Austria, and Croatia. During the second week we were there we had planned to go to dinner one night. We got ready, I did my makeup and threw my hair in a ponytail and left for dinner with his family. On the way Alberto’s nieces were telling me they knew a perfect place where we could stop for pictures (which I later found out was a distraction), we got to the spot and me, Alberto and his three nieces got out while their parents drove up to the parking.

We took photos for what and then realized we had to hurry up and make it to dinner on time. We walked up the street and I then turned the corner to see a beautiful panorama of the city. So the first thing I did is get out my phone and start taking a video of the view on snap chat like I did with everything on that trip.

As I walked along the balcony of the overlook with Lopez and his family behind us, I noticed something sitting on the balcony. It was a sign that read will you marry me. I instantly turned around a saw Alberto getting down on one knee and was in complete and utter shock. I started to cry as he asked will you marry me? I couldn’t talk so I just shook my head yes, he put the ring on my finger and I finally managed to blurt out a yes and we hugged and kissed. It was so magical and completely unexpected, Italy will forever hold a special place in both our hearts now.

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