Ashley and Adam

Where to Propose in Vino in the Valley - Maiden Rock, WI

How We Met

Adam and I met June 8, 2017 at a local park in the Twin Cities. We had matched on a dating app but hadn’t connected in person yet. I was eager to meet him and I think initially even more eager to meet his 3 month old German Shepherd puppy – Oakley. I got out of my car and was greeted with the biggest smile and hug – we immediately clicked and spent hours just walking around and getting to know each other. I remember leaving and thinking, “I wish I was still with him”. I got home and had the sweetest text from him – he thanked me for making time to come meet and let me know how much he enjoyed our time together and how badly he had needed that. His exact words, “I’ve been cheesin’ ever since I left”.

How They Asked

Adam had reached out to a friend who is starting her business as a wedding photographer. He asked her to connect with me and see if I would be interested in doing a “styled shoot”. Of course I LOVED this idea – I am a huge picture person so this sounded really fun! We threw around a few dates and places and per her gentle nudge we landed on a weekend in October back at a winery in Wisconsin where Adam is from. It was a normal morning and I didn’t think much of it. We had been dating for a little over 2 1/2 years so of course it was on my mind and I thought about it but had no idea when he would decide to actually pop the question. Adam had mentioned he wanted to hurry up and finish so he could go hunting afterwards – he even went as far as packing his hunting gear (which totally threw me) We got to Vino in the Valley and grabbed a bottle of wine and started walking the grounds and taking photos.

We walked down a beautiful pathway along Brush Creek to a secluded dead end where Brush Creek runs into Lost Creek. Adam started telling a story about how this was sacred ground – little did I know that was Johanna’s que. This is where he wanted to surprise me with the proposal. Johanna calmly asked Adam to go lay out a blanket while she took some individual photos of me. While she was capturing a few photos, Adam was behind us laying out a blanket and throwing around rose petals. Once Adam was set she said, “okay, lets go take some on the blanket now”. I turned around and knew instantly what was about to happen. Adam and I made eye contact, he took my hands and lead me to the blanket where he referenced the first time we met, some of our favorite moments/ memories and how much he cared for me. He then got down on one knee and opened a little brown box with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen inside. We popped champagne and took some more photos to capture the moment then gathered up our things and started heading back to the winery.

We were maybe 20 steps away when I started recognizing family from my side as well as Adam’s. Adam had coordinated to have both our entire families there waiting to surprise me and wish us congratulations! It was the perfect ending to a perfect proposal. We spent the rest of the afternoon eating, drinking and reliving every perfect moment with the most important people to us. We weren’t ready to head back to the reality on Monday so planned a spontaneous trip to Denver to enjoy being newly engaged!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Vino in the Valley - Maiden Rock, WI

Special Thanks

Johanna McDowell
 | Photographer