Ashley and Aaron

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How We Met

I met Aaron fourteen years ago, playing for the same little league soccer team.

I always thought he was the cutest boy and eventually we we’re “dating.” It didn’t last long (as young love does) but those two seasons playing soccer together were amazing. We ended up losing touch for a few years, right up until high school, by then we both were dating other people but quickly became great friends. I ended up moving to a different school and again, we parted ways.

A few years later, Aaron in-boxed me out of the blue, he was down visiting family (he is military), and was hoping to reconnect. I was hesitant at first, especially because I had children to look out for but I said yes, and it was the best thing I ever did. It was like the movie “Dear John,”( with a happier ending) and those two weeks together were everything.

A few months later, I ended up moving in with him and now here we are, four years later, raising three beautiful children with the best step-dad (and fiance) I could have ever hoped for.

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how they asked

Aaron is always known for being a big cheese ball, and the engagement was nothing short of that.

I got dressed and we headed out for a walk around the local arboretum, little did I know, it was more than just a kid-less free hour together. We walked around, looking at all the different trees turning into fall colors, stopping to admire different flowers etc. I looked across the field and pointed to a tree with long branches (weeping willow) and asked him if he remembered us sitting here during breaks at soccer, he smiled and said yes, we walked towards it and once we got underneath it, he whisked me around to face him and dropped to one knee.

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At this point I am in total shock, he pulls out the ring and says,” This is were we first met when we were kids, and I have loved you ever since then, will you..,” and before he could finish, I started crying and shaking my head yes. I wrapped my arms around him, we kissed, and that is when the photographer stood up to introduce herself and we both started laughing and crying. Aaron had planned a secret photographer months ago, in order to capture our perfect moment, and it was the best surprise I could have ever gotten.

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Special Thanks

Jaime Churchward
 | Photographer