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How We Met

Since our Freshman year, Aaron and I had known each other as acquaintances from college at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. We both went our separate ways in 2012 after graduation and completed grad school; we found our career paths (he is a Physical Therapist and I am a 4th grade Special Education teacher). In July 2015, we both signed up to go on the Birthright Israel trip and coincidentally, out of thousands of other applicants, we were placed on the very same “bus group”. I had signed up completely alone to get the full experience. Aaron had signed with his sister Randi and his cousin Alec Ploshnick. We all became close friends from being on the trip together in the Holy Land. Eventually, once we were home in New Jersey, I ended up telling Aaron that I “liked him like that”… and not just as a friend. We quickly shifted from friends to “more than friends” without hesitation! I have loved every moment that I have been in love with my best friend.

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how they asked

Early in the morning on our first day on vacation in San Francisco, a flyer was slipped under our hotel door which advertised a complimentary photo walking tour. I was pretty skeptical but was ultimately persuaded by Aaron to go. The photographer from the flier then met us at the Palace of Fine Arts and photographed us as we walked along the Embarcadero Beach. We finally reached Crissy Field, a grassy knoll that had the Golden Gate Bridge in the backdrop. The photographer wanted us to wait for a barge to pass before continuing to take photos. As we waited, I noticed a guitarist tuning his guitar, so I figured that I’d try to ask for him to play us some music. The guitarist surprisingly agreed and then turned to ask Aaron if he wanted to sing with him.

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Aaron is one of those guys that will sing in public even if he is not at a karaoke bar… so I shrugged as he agreed to sing along. Then I heard the guitarist begin to strum the very song that Aaron sings to me every time it plays on the radio —the tune to Ed Sheeran’s hit song “Perfect”. Aaron immediately began singing along! Before I knew it, Aaron dropped to one knee and asked to spend every moment with me for the rest of our lives… obviously, I said YES! We love the story of how we began dating, but now our proposal story is absolutely perfect!

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