Ashley and Alex

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How We Met

In the summer of 2010, right before my freshman year of high school, I moved in across the street from Alex. He was the cute older baseball player who my friends and I consistently crushed on, who I would never have a shot with (seeing as I was 13 and he was 15). His sister had been my good friend for years, so it only took a week before we all spent every day playing outside on Jorrington Street with our usual crowd. Alex and I quickly became best friends. We would talk all night about anything and everything, play basketball and “world cup” soccer with our neighborhood friends, Fifa and Wii on rainy days, and movies at night. We were always together, and I was oblivious. A year and a half later, I moved off of Jorrington Street and Alex and I drifted. I missed him always. His friendship, his wit, and his endless good advice. One day, in February 2012, I received a message on Facebook. It was from Alex. We small talked- but that turned into long talks all night long once again. He would joke with me (so I thought) by saying things like “You’re right, I have always loved you!” and “I hope I one day marry my best friend”. We didn’t go a day without talking. About life, our futures, our pasts. I was reminded of how much I love him. I was reminded that he is unlike anyone I have ever met. Selfless, loving, kind, yet witty and sassy.

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He shows endless amounts of love and honesty and I asked myself how I spent so many days without him. About a month later, my best friend Kasey, who was looking over my shoulder as I was messaging Alex, bluntly said, “Ashley. He is in love with you. You know that, right?” I of course denied that idea and laughed. I went about my day… On June 14th 2012, at the age of 15, I was laying on the Isle of Palms beach when Alex, who was 17 at the time, asked me where I was. Within 10 minutes of telling him which street I was on, I looked up and saw him walking down the beach and gleaming at me. I sprinted up to him, and he picked me up and spun me around. Laughing, he laid his towel down next to me and said “hey you”. It was the first time I had actually seen him (other than passing him in the halls of our high school) in months. He turned on Pandora and we would laugh and sing, and then “One Thing” by One Direction came on. I was laughing at him because he knew all the words, and about 30 seconds in, he grabbed my hand. My heart dropped. I was pretty sure I was imagining it and convinced myself it meant nothing. Then when the song went “Get out get out get out of my head, and fall into my arms instead”… he looked over, and kissed me. I don’t think anything up to that point had ever made me as happy as he did in that moment, and we’ve been together ever since.

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how they asked

Alex and I have been together for 5 years now. All through high school, through a year of long distance, and now through our final years of college. Marriage has definitely been a conversation for us. I’ve known that we both plan on spending the rest of our lives together, but I did NOT expect this… I went to Chicago this past weekend to see my best friend who goes to school there. Alex dropped me off at the airport on Friday and graciously took care of our dog (really my dog) all weekend. Sunday came around, and my 10:00 flight got moved to 11:30. I was not amused. I was tired and wasn’t feeling so well.

Finally, I got on the plane and immediately went to sleep. I couldn’t wait to get home. I remember walking off the plane at 1:00 am, thinking to myself how excited I was to hug Alex and go to sleep… Then I walked out into baggage claim. I turned the corner and hear Alex’s infamous whistle. I smile when I see him… and then he drops to one knee. “OH SH**!” I say as I drop my bags to the ground. I was completely in shock. Pretty sure I was still asleep on the plane. I wiped my eyes and looked again to make sure i wasn’t seeing things (maybe it was because I was sick?). He smiles at me and says “Will you marry me?”

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YES!!!!!! His sister (my roommate) comes out from around the corner, and then one of my best friends comes out with a camera and her boyfriend with his phone (video taping). I kiss Alex, and hug him tight.

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He told me “This is the only way I could every surprise you”— he was so right. And WE’RE ENGAGED!

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