Ashleigh and Zach

How We Met

Zach and I met where we attended college. He knew about me from mutual friends through our separate ministries on our campus. He added me on Instagram and invited me to come out to a bonfire his ministry was hosting that Friday night but I was unable to attend. Turns out we go to the same church but it has two different locations. Zach would attend Main Campus weekly and I would attend North Campus. That Sunday a couple days later Zach attended North Campus and we planned to officially meet following the service. He couldn’t find me after so I told him to meet me for lunch at Chipotle but I made it clear it WASN’T a date. Well, he ended up beating me to it and paying for my meal which made it our first date.

how they asked

Zach had planned this fairytale proposal for months. Zach had my best friend make plans with me to get dinner the night of the proposal. My best friend texted me earlier in the day saying she’d pick me up and before we head out to dinner she wanted to pick a bench she found on offer up for her new kitchen table. We finally arrive at the destination and I see a barn lit up and it still did not click what was about to happen.

Ashleigh and Zach's Engagement in Graystone Pines

We get out of the car and start walking to this lit-up path and I see two guys with cameras recording. I was TERRIFIED and still didn’t have a clue. I even said to my best friend, “It looks like someone is getting proposed to.” My best friend pulled me forward and brought me to a table decorated with lit up candles and an iPad with a video to play and that’s when it FINALLY hit me this was MY proposal. Zach set up a few tables each with different videos capturing friends, family, and mentors celebrating how excited they were for us and how I personally play a special role in each of their lives.

Where to Propose in Graystone Pines

The final table was facing the barn where I knew Zach was waiting for me. In Zach’s video, he captured every special milestone in our relationship and went physically to the location. The final location was the property we were both on and he said he couldn’t wait can’t see me when I walk through the barn.

I was obviously balling at this point and when I finally got to him he told me how long he’s been waiting for to ask me to be his wife! After I said yes and kissed my fiancé he pointed for me to look straight ahead and both the families were walking in to meet us!!! It was truly a fairytale evening.

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