Ashleigh and Will

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How We Met

It all started when we met a year and a half ago on tinder. I was too afraid to tell anyone where we really met, but now I am proud of our story… We have a unique story, and it is ours to tell. We met 9/15/17 at my friend’s house party for the first time after “swiping right” on each other. We didn’t talk much that night but knew we had to meet again. We set up plans to meet for dinner the upcoming Tuesday, where we went to Condado’s (a local taco restaurant). I knew after spending 4 hours on a date with Will at Condado’s that this man was going to be my future husband.

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How They Asked

Fast forward to December 16, 2018. Will and I went on a trip to Disney World to celebrate my upcoming graduation from nursing school and Christmas. I always wanted to take him to my favorite place, which is Disney. We ate breakfast that morning with the princesses at Cinderella’s Royal Table. We walked outside from breakfast rather full, but Will insisted that we take a picture in front of the castle. We started taking pictures, and about three pictures in he started to turn and cry.

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He got down on one knee, and I started crying too. I turned and saw my parents standing behind him. His parents showered up behind my parents. This was a total surprise to Will and me, as we were alone on our vacation until this point. He knew my parents were going to be there, but my parents asked his parents to join. I, of course, said yes, and we got to celebrate our engagement at the happiest place on earth, with the people that mean the most to us.