Ashleigh and Terrence

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How We Met

Terrence & I attended college together. We were students (and later graduates) at Nicholls State University of Thibodaux, La. Although, we weren’t friends, we were definitely familiar faces.

Years later, Terrence & I crossed paths once again….our eyes locked in & we both said to ourselves, “you look familiar.”

We made the RIGHT choice & we have been inseparable from that moment….

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how they asked

Born and raised in Algiers of New Orleans, La, each year my family spends the Saturday before Fat Tuesday together. This tradition began when I was a little girl and continues to this day. My fiance and I had only been dating right under 2 years when he proposed, but I have always shared with him the importance of Nomtoc’s parade to my family and my childhood. In fact, I would often say, “I live for Nomtoc.” On February 25, 2017 at the Nomtoc Parade in front of all of our close family and friends, we officially began our future as one.

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To start from the beginning of the parade….a woman chaperoning with a marching band handed me a Mardi Gras bead that had a huge costume diamond ring on it. Shortly after, another woman placed a costume diamond ring around my finger. Me, having the time of my life as I do year after year, had no clue what so ever what was going on, even after receiving my first two clues…lol! The 3rd clue was a man handing me a pink and white lace garter. Lol! Yes, and still I continued to have the time of my life with family and friends and I had no clue that my fiancé was a few minutes away from proposing. Finally, float 13 came in front of me.

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My friend tricked me and told me to scream out her friend’s name because she would give us tons of Mardi Gras throws. Well, sure enough…I began to jump and scream her name. To my surprise, her and her float mates hold up signs that read “Ashleigh will you marry me?” Then in shock as I almost stopped breathing, I turn around and my fiancé was on one knee and asked me to become his wife. A day that I have cherished as a little girl, I now cherish even more as a women. Thanks for reading!

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