Ashleigh and Stephen

Image 1 of Ashleigh and Stephen

How We Met

Stephen and I met in high school at a back to school party before our senior year. He was the new kid and we struck up a conversation about school, family, our faith, which then led to every other topic of conversation we could think of just so we could stand together. Shortly after, we began dating and then soon came the beginnings of long distance as we went off to separate schools. Long distance has been tough, but he is the most “worth-it” endeavor of my life. He’s supported me through it all and I’m so glad we’ve been inseparable since that night by the pool!

how they asked

The proposal was so “us”! Every year before we go our separate ways to start another school year, we go on a celebratory dinner date at the Melting Pot and have the best conversations there for hours. We rarely get to play dress up together and take pictures since we are doing long distance so we made a habit to bring a camera and take self-timed pictures on the train tracks before dinner.

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This was our 4th time of doing this so I really wasn’t expecting a proposal during pictures! We’d taken several already and I thought we were about to go eat when he said while getting on a knee, “wait! I’ve got a pose real quick. What if I had a box with a ring in it and got down on one knee and asked you to be my wife forever?”

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It was the best surprise of my life as my jaw tells it all in the picture! He is my absolute best friend, high school sweetheart and the biggest encourager I know. He is truly God’s greatest gift to me!

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