Ashleigh and Sean

Ashleigh and Sean's Engagement in Top of the Rock, NYC, NY

How We Met

Sean and I met in high school (my freshman year). The first time he saw me was while I was dancing on the high school dance team, where he turned to his friends and told them all how he was going to start dating me one day. For at least two years we were only friends. I knew he had feelings for me, but I was busy dating other guys. I’d talk to him about all the different boy troubles I had at the time, and he’d buy me lunch every day. Eventually, on April 20th, 2007, I asked him if he wanted to hang out, and we met up with his friends and spent the evening at his friend Bob’s house. We had hung out a couple more times that spring, before we started really talking and eventually started dating on July 7, 2007. For the first couple of years we were on and off, growing up as two teenagers, getting to know each other and ourselves. He went to community college first, and then I went to Rowan University in 2009. We still were dating on and off, and he came to Rowan in the Spring of 2010. After college we got more serious, no longer dating on and off. We traveled a bunch, we made so many amazing memories, and truly got to grow up together.

how they asked

Our proposal was a complete surprise. I had no idea it was coming. On the morning of November 18, 2017, I went to the spa with my soon to be mother in law thinking it was a regular spa day. On the ride home, Sean asked me if we were still going to go to the city and go to Rockefeller Center Top of the Rock. I thought that it wasn’t really the best day for it, it was raining out, and mentioned to Sean’s mom that we should probably go a different day since it’s not the nicest day. She rambled on and on about what else would we do that night, and when I mentioned bowling, she started freaked out telling me how stupid bowling was (lol). So nonetheless we drove into the city, where Sean was acting weird out the whole ride in, saying “of course of all days we decide to go into the city it downpours”, while I just said I’m sure it will stop soon, don’t worry! And it indeed did stop! So we walked over to the Rockefeller, and went inside. I was stopping to read each picture on the wall, wanting to understand the history behind the Rockefeller. While Sean was apparently so nervous (I couldn’t tell)! He mentioned he had to go to the bathroom, and wandered in there. Meanwhile I’m reading all these different signs and pictures, and watched a woman go into the bathroom and come out, while Sean was still in there! I was thinking to myself damn I hope he’s okay in there! So eventually Sean came out, and then we started walking toward the elevator, where there was a video playing about the history of the Rockefeller. We stopped and watched the 4 minute video, and then proceeded toward the elevator. The Rockefeller has three observation decks, so we stopped at the first, went outside, and I was taking all these pictures, then Sean rushed us up to the 2nd deck where it started to drizzle again.

We quickly looked around there, and Sean was like, “let’s get up to the top before it starts to really rain”. So up we went! And man it was windy and starting to come down! I asked one of the security guards up there (at the time it was just the two of us and two security guards), to take a picture of us, and the guard had on these winter gloves, and was like “it’s cold!”. But he proceeded to take them off to take a picture. As I was about to give the guard my phone, Sean jumped in giving him his phone, with the video setup so all he had to do was let it roll. He wispered to the guard “just let it roll” but the guard didn’t hear. So I was getting ready for what I thought was a picture, and turned around and all of a sudden Sean started telling me how I’m his best friend. I responded with “you’re my best friend too boo”, and then basically blacked out (haha). He got down on one knee and told me how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, and then took out the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. My first response was “Is this real right now?!”

Proposal Ideas Top of the Rock, NYC, NY

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Top of the Rock, NYC, NY

I of course said “Yes!” and we then celebrated our engagement. Sean said to the security guard “I hope you got all of that!” to the guard, who actually did not. He thought he was taking pictures so instead of one video, we have three haha. It was the most beautiful location for him to propose. We went back inside, and had another picture taken of us from the window of the first observation deck, and then headed downstairs to go look at the skating rink at Rockefeller

After the Rockefeller we were going out to dinner, and he wanted me to pick a place, so we are walking all over Hell’s Kitchen looking at all these menus, but I was so distracted with everything that just happened, I was just staring at menus thinking about how excited I am. After at least 30 minutes of walking all over Hell’s Kitchen, I picked the next Italian restaurant I could find, and that’s where we ate. When we got back to his house at around midnight, we were greeted by his parents and cake and a celebratory toast. He truly did an amazing job picking out the ring, the location, the time. I couldn’t have asked for anything more! The entire night was truly amazing, I’m so unbelievably happy and excited to spend the rest of my life with Sean!