Ashleigh and Ryan

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How We Met

Ashleigh was a member of the Hinds CC Wind Ensemble which was invited to play in Normandy, France for the 70th anniversary of D-Day. While in France, Ashleigh picked out a painting for her Meme (her mother’s mother). Meme then decided to have it framed at the Flowood Hobby Lobby. While having the picture framed, her Meme struck up a conversation with the framer. The framer just so happened to be attending the same college that Ashleigh would be attending in the fall. Her Meme insisted that the two add each other on Facebook. Ashleigh, of course, set out to find him! Like a true gentleman, Ryan (the framer), messaged Ashleigh first. They talked over the summer and planned on meeting each other at college before school started. Ryan gave Ashleigh a tour of the college, where they would then go on their first lunch date at a local restaurant.

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Ashleigh: In 2014, I went on a trip with my community college band to play in France for the 70th anniversary of D-Day. While there, I picked out watercolor paintings for both my mother and grandmother. After I gave my grandmother the painting, she decided to have it framed at Hobby Lobby. My, grandmother was chatting with the framer at Hobby Lobby about college and the like when she found out that I would be attending the same college that he was. Needless to say, my grandmother insisted that we meet each other.

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how they asked

Ashleigh and Ryan started dating in August 2014. Both graduated from Mississippi College May 2016. Over the summer after they graduated, Ryan spent countless hours working in his dad’s shop planning and making a handcrafted proposal! On September 4, 2016, Ryan asked Ashleigh, whilst taking her to read his handcrafted shadowboxes, if she would marry him! How could she say no? After over a year of being engaged, Ryan and Ashleigh are finally planning their wedding and life together! They will have an intimate wedding at Cedar Grove Mansion on October 6, 2018, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Ryan and Ashleigh will be married with close family and friends as their witnesses. Of course, the picture that Ryan framed for Ashleigh’s Meme will be there! How could they leave out the picture that started it all?

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Ashleigh: 4 years later, here we are! Ryan, my fiancé, used his love of framing and creating shadow boxes to propose to me. On a hot September day, after arriving home from church, Ryan insisted that we go for a walk. We started our walk with the picture he framed for my grandmother, as well as a handwritten note from me explaining why I love our love story. Each shadowbox he would take me to, contained a different Bible verse about marriage that he personally picked out. The final shadowbox said, “Will you marry me?” As one of the shadowboxes states, The Lord works in mysterious ways, our proposal and love story hinges entirely on that Bible verse! We have been engaged for almost two years and will be getting married on October 6, 2018. Of course, the picture from Paris and the shadowboxes he made to propose will be incorporated into our wedding!

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