Ashleigh and Rusty

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how they asked

So, I have a great love for elephants. I always wear the same elephant necklace and even have an elephant tattoo. While we were on a long weekend trip to Cincinnati, we were able to get in the gate early to watch them give the elephants their daily bath. The only way to describe it is pure joy! I was smiling like a little kid on a Christmas morning! As we left the elephants, I told Rusty that I could not get any happier than I was at that moment.

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He laughed and gave me a little box that had an elephant on it and said, “I got you this so you could remember your day with the elephants.” I opened it and my ring was tied to a little elephant dish! My reaction was, “WHAT IS THAT?! Are you serious right now?” Then there was crying and hugging and kissing and jumping! He untied my ring and slipped it on my finger. It was the most perfect proposal for me, which makes it all the more special.

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