Ashleigh and Max


How We Met

We met three and a half years ago, I was working with his mom and she said that Max wanted to have a friend to go out to dinner with and I told her that I would go to dinner with him. She gave him my number and we met at a Mexican restaurant and sat there for hours just talking.


Max says he knew that night that this was something special, I thought I had just made a really good friend.


We stayed just friends for a while and our friendship just formed into a relationship.


how they asked





He rented out a ballroom and I was told I was going to a baby shower for his cousin. When I got to the ballroom there were flowers on the door with my name on them, at this point I was very confused.



As I walked in I heard our favorite songs playing and rose pedals and candles leading up the stair case to a glass of champagne at the top at the first set of stairs as I turn to walk up the next set of stairs I see Max at the top of the stairs in a vest and tie with a table full of roses a bottle of champagne.

Ashleigh and Max's Engagement in Library ball room- Macon, GA

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Library ball room- Macon, GA


When I made it up the stairs to him we both just lost it and cried for a good 5 minutes before either of us could speak.

Ashleigh's Proposal in Library ball room- Macon, GA

After we composed ourselves he read the letter he wrote to my late mother and asked me to marry him, I of course said yes.

Proposal Ideas Library ball room- Macon, GA



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