Ashleigh and Kyle

How We Met

We have known of each other since we were little but we were first ‘introduced’ through someone who is in my family and who is a close family friend of Kyle’s at a swim party for the kids in our church. After that, Kyle planned for us to go bowling together with other people from our church, but it turned out to be Kyle and my siblings, a cousin, and I. A few weeks later we went on our first date.

how they asked

We were in Tennessee with Kyle’s family over Thanksgiving. Kyle had told me weeks prior to the trip that he wanted just the two of us to go down the ‘cable trail’ on Thanksgiving morning so that we could see if his 2 younger cousins would be able to make it down the trail later that trip. The cable trail is a steep trail that has a cable from the top of the cliff to the bottom for hiker to hold onto- it is almost like rock climbing.

Thanksgiving morning came and we were all sitting around watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. About half way through we decided to leave for the trail. We took a picture before we left cause, ‘We might not look like that when we get back.’

The trail was a little drive away. I didn’t notice it at the time but Kyle was going much slower than the speed limit. Every car that came up behind us, passed us up. I thought they were all just in a rush.

We parked, got out of the car and headed to the trail. Kyle had his GoPro with him and kept taking pictures. I thought this was unusual because usually I am the one who takes all the pictures. We were also going very slow down the trail and stopped many times to take more pictures. Through the whole hike, he was having problems with his GoPro remote. So he would also stop and work on that.

When we got to the top of the cable trail, we both looked down it and said how we did not remember it being that steep. There was a moment that I thought about not going down it at all. But we both took our chances and started down it.

It was a long trip down where my heart was beating fast the whole time because I was nervous about being on the trail. But we made it to the bottom! Where we stopped one last time for him to work on his GoPro remote. As I watched him work on it, I noticed that his hands were shaking – I thought from the adrenaline of going down the trail.

The cable trail takes you to the bottom of a big waterfall. Where we were, there was this big rock that we could stand on and get really good pictures in front of the waterfall. So we walked out to the rock, and Kyle set his GoPro up on the rock. We posed for our “pictures.” Then he decided to try the remote to the GoPro one more time (we had it set on video). He bent down to get the remote out of his bag and came back up with a ring box. He got down on one knee, asked, and I said YES!

Image 1 of Ashleigh and Kyle

Image 2 of Ashleigh and Kyle

We turned around to look at the top of the waterfall to see his family cheering for us! They were there to watch! After we had left for the trail, he sent his family on a hunt that brought them to the cable trail in time for them to see him propose.

Kyle picked the perfect place for the perfect proposal!

Image 3 of Ashleigh and Kyle

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