Ashleigh and Kevin

How We Met

We met in 2008 at Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt through our long time friend Justin. We were friends for few months but decided we needed to be more. We started dating March 31 2009.

how they asked

He always said he would never propose on Christmas, That it would be a special random day and never to expect it Christmas. Well this past Christmas 2015 was when it happened!

Christmas morning we went downstairs to open gifts. He kept telling me not to open gifts right away, he went downstairs fiddling with his phone, set his phone down and told me to open my gift from him. He just watched me open mine, never touched his gifts (I never caught on here at all to anything).

I opened my Tassimo coffee maker (stalling gift), I was all excited and happy. Then he says “one thing I got to ask you though….will you Marry me?”. My reaction was priceless especially when i saw he caught it on video. Check my youtube link for the video!

Our Video