Ashleigh and Justin

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How We Met

Right after graduating college, Justin and I met through a mutual friend. As the summer began, we started talking regularly, and in a few weeks went on our first date. I will never forget the first time Justin came to pick me up—I was nervously waiting for what seemed like years for him to arrive, and when he finally did, he pulled up to the wrong house: one house too far, at the neighbor’s! I ran over and jumped into the car, trying not to make a scene.

With butterflies in my stomach, I said hello to Justin and we drove off. The rest is history! Two and a half years later, we own a house together and are now ready to start the journey to the rest of our lives as a married couple. <3

Where to Propose in Our Home

how they asked

This past February, Justin and I hosted our first Superbowl party with tons of friends and family in our new home! We were hoping for a 5th Superbowl win for our favorite home team: the New England Patriots! After an insane come-from behind whirlwind of a win, everyone in the room was jumping up and down and filming the victory. I had her my glued to the TV, watching the celebration commence. All of a sudden, the TV muted, and I turned around to find Justin on one knee.

He said: “Now that Brady is receiving his fifth ring, I think it’s time Ashleigh gets her first.” and he opened a red box with a beautiful diamond ring inside. In tears, I threw my Patriots hat behind me and locked Justin in an embrace.

Friends captured the moment from every angle with pictures and video. The moment was just perfect—after celebrating our mutual love for Patriot’s football, Justin and I were also able to celebrate their undying love for each other. We will be married on June 2, 2018 in our hometown of Dartmouth, MA.

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