Ashleigh and Joe

engagement ring selfie

How we met: Joe and I met in college. I was roommates with someone that he knew in high school and on the first day of moving in he came in to our room to say hi to her and instead found me and we met for the first time. We became close friends our first year of college and dated other people but then our second year in college we were both single and spent more time together. We went on our first date in 2008 and officially became boyfriend and girlfriend in late 2009. After college we continued to date but kept moving further and further apart (literally in distance not emotionally :) I ended up living in Orange County while he was in LA about an hour and a half away. This past year, he had a busy year of completing nursing school while I started my first year of teaching and we had always talked about getting married when we were all done with school and when one of us had a full time job. We picked a ring out this last July and he graduated in August…I was getting pretty impatient knowing that he had a ring and that he had been out of school. Every weekend since August I have had my nails done and wore a cute dress when I would see him. I thought he was just dragging his feet, when he was planning to make the perfect weekend to propose.


how they asked: Since we already talked about getting married in summer 2015, I started to research places at the end of this summer since I am a teacher and had the time to go visit some venues. And being the planner that I am, I kept telling him when I thought would be the best time for us to get married. I had narrowed it down to the perfect venue but was nervous that he hadn’t proposed yet and that it would be booked for the weekend I wanted.

This past weekend we went to a friend’s wedding in the same area in Temecula, Ca so I thought it was a perfect time go see the venue. He was reluctant to go which I thought was weird and he said we shouldn’t be looking at venues until we were engaged. He finally agreed but little did I know that he had planned out that he would propose at my dream venue. We pulled up and met the coordinator who started giving us the tour. Half way into the tour, Joe starts wandering around so I kind of follow and ask him if we should stay with the coordinator – I didn’t want to be rude. He kept looking around and was really fidgety so I thought that he didn’t like it.

He leads me over to where the ceremony takes place and tells me to stand at the alter with him. When I did, he turned to me and said, “Do you want to get married here?” When I replied yes, and he said and how about getting engaged here and dropped down to his knee and pulled out the ring! I was so surprised and was not expecting it to happen here that I just started bawling in my hands.



He had planned the perfect weekend where he proposed at my dream venue at the place that we will be married next summer. He even coordinated with my parents and the coordinator to save our date and draw up a contract for us. After we hugged for a bit I noticed shouting and turned to find my family running towards me to celebrate the wonderful moment. It was truly magical.