Ashleigh and Donovan

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How We Met

It was like a classic movie scene: Boy sees girl at bar, boy sends girl a drink, girl disappears out the back door, Girl stalks boy on Facebook, Girl messages boy, boy asks girl out!

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Well, the rest is history <3

how they asked

We went on a late afternoon game drive for sun downers with friends and we stopped at the “perfect spot”. We were told we were just having couples photo’s before the sun downers so we made our way to a rocky area for our picture. I kept on trying to hug him for a photo but he kept pushing me away ( obviously so he had some space to do what was necessary). When I looked again he was on one knee.

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The rest is a blur with a few tears involved.

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All that matters is that I am going to marry the love of my life <3 <3 <3

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