Ashleigh and Damien

How We Met: Unofficially, we met in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. I say unofficially because although we knew of one another while deployed, we never said anything more than the proper greeting of the day. After returning back to San Diego, CA a mutual friend of ours invited us out to the Ivy Lounge in the Gaslamp quarter. From the moment we met, we were glued to one another. This is a photo from the very first night…

Image 4 of Ashleigh and Damien

how they asked: I flew in from Iraq on a Monday, we stayed in LA overnight and then headed to Murrieta the following day. Figuring I’d be jet-lagged we were supposed to stay in and watch movies and just relax. At the last minute he decided he wanted to dress up and go to a nice restaurant for dinner. He went and got his hair cut and instead of waiting on him I decided to get my feet done. After he was done he came over and suggested I go ahead and get my nails and get waxed and everything. After that we went home got dressed and headed out.

I’m a Marine Security Guard so I deploy a lot; where ever we decide to meet in the country we always find a nice quiet bar to sit at. We drink and make little silly videos so that we have lots of memories to keep us through the times we’re separated. In the beginning of the video that’s what we were doing, then he decided to take a picture of our backs at the bar which is another thing we like to do.

Image 1 of Ashleigh and Damien

We had already drank a bottle of wine so we were both just a tad tipsy and it was a really nice restaurant and I didn’t want us to get kicked out due to him trying to move tables around. I had no idea he was still recording I just thought he was setting up the camera. Little did I know the whole restaurant already knew what his intentions were. I was at the bar talking to the bartender when he called my name, I turned around and he was down on one knee.

Image 2 of Ashleigh and Damien

My heart dropped and my legs didn’t want to work right!

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