Ashleigh and Brian's Beautiful Lake Tahoe Marriage Proposal

How We Met: Brian and I first met at a Super Bowl party that I hosted so that all of us Bay Area natives living in Los Angeles could cheer on the 49ers together. A close friend of his that he went to UCLA with was dating a close friend of mine that I went to Santa Clara University with (they are now engaged, too!) and they facilitated the introduction. Brian knew that I was something special when he spotted my teacup Yorkie, Maverick, sporting our favorite team’s jersey.

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A couple of short months later, the sparks really began to fly when we reunited at Coachella. We have been together ever since!

how they asked: What to do when plans for the perfect Parisian proposal are foiled? Implement a Plan B that outshines Plan A!

After a highly disappointing cancellation of our romantic Valentine’s Day weekend trip to the City of Lights, a city that we had both previously lived in before knowing each other, Brian brainstormed to find an equally memorable way to pop the question. He quickly thought to Lake Tahoe, a place that we had spent many special weekends with both family and friends over our year and a half of dating. It was even better that we already had a ski trip on the books for the end of February with some of our closest friends. He knew he would be able to get me from Los Angeles to the mountains without suspecting a thing!

After an incredible weekend of skiing and fun with our friends, Brian told me that we were going stop at the Hyatt in Incline Village for dinner with his family friend that lived in the area. When we arrived, Brian said that we had beat them there and had a little time to walk around down by the lake. The sun was just beginning to set, the fresh snow was piled up to the water’s edge, and there was not a ripple in the lake… In so many words, it was magical. We walked onto the pier to get a better view. Brian pulled out his phone to get a photo of me looking off toward the mountains while holding his hand. With Brian being a talented cinematographer, artsy photos are commonplace in our relationship.


Suspecting nothing, I looked away from him as I felt him holding my hand. He said he needed to kneel down to get the mountain at the right angle and then he dropped my hand… Wondering what he was doing, I turned around to find him on one knee holding up a beautiful engagement ring! Overwhelmed by surprise and joy, I almost forgot to shout YES before jumping around all over the place!

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Reeling with excitement, we headed up to the outdoor patio in front of the resort’s restaurant where our parents were waiting for us with a sign that said, “she said yes!”. Of course I did!!


Now entirely overwhelmed with emotion, Brian walked me over to the neighboring building where he told me we’d be having dinner. I soon figured out that the floor he had lead me to did not have a restaurant on it but was actually all hotel rooms. He showed me to one of the doors and gave me a key… I opened the door to a suite that had been turned into a mini Paris, complete with an 8-foot Eiffel Tower! Inside I found croissants, flowers, framed photos of the two of us, candles, Parisian-themed everything, and every quote/photo from my “Hopeless Romantic” titled Pinterest board adorning the room. I could not have imagined or hoped for anything better.