Ashleigh and Ben

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How We Met

I am a travel nurse, and had been working in the Phoenix, Arizona area the summer of 2015, and when one of the women I worked with, Angie, found out I was going to Texas for my next assignment, she messaged me telling me she had a guy, Ben Ferrero, that I HAD to add on Facebook. She told me he was her son’s roommate in Dallas, rugby teammate, and one of the nicest people she’d ever met. She also said that he was a God loving man, which is so rare to hear these days and was what stuck out to me the most, and pushed me to go creep on this person on Facebook. Turns out this Ben person was pretty cute! So after a few days I got up the nerve to add him, then a few more days went by and we started messaging back and forth about how we knew Angie, our jobs, etc. Then one weekend my best friend was coming to where I was working at the time for her bachelorette party, and Ben was on his way to Houston for a rugby tournament and said “Well I’m about to lose service so I’m gonna leave this here.” and then nothing. For like an hour!

So I thought that meant he didn’t want to keep talking to me, but he had sent his phone number and it took him getting service back for me to get it! So then we texted back and forth for the next week or so. Then I was going to Dallas to see one of my other best friends’ new apartments and decided to put myself out there for the first time in my life. I texted Ben asking if he had a rugby tournament that weekend, he texted me back “No, why?” So I told him I was going to Dallas for the weekend and said we could meet up if he wasn’t busy, and he said sure! So the night before my drive to Dallas I didn’t sleep. At all. I’d never been so nervous in my life and couldn’t for the life of me figure out why meeting one person was making me so nervous!

Well I made it to Dallas, met up with my friend Phillip to check out his new apartment, played with his dog, then we went to go eat lunch with some of his friends. We hung out all day and then they had to go to the Cattle Baron’s Ball that night, so off I went to meet this Ben Ferrero. I called my mom on the way, freaking out of course, got to his apartment complex and then I had to call him to tell him “I think I’m here…” so he came outside and said “I’m the short guy in the black shirt,” I found him, then he directed me where to park *heart pounding.* Once I got out and met him and Angie’s son, Kyle, the three of us just hung out talking for a while, then Ben and I went on our first date! It was the most relaxed and fun night and I knew he was a special person that I needed to see again…and again and again. I’m so glad that I listened to Angie and added him on Facebook because now I’m married to my best friend.

This goofy picture is from the night we met!

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how they asked

Ever since we started dating, Ben and I had talked about going to Banff National Park in Alberta Canada. This past summer we finally made it happen! We decided to drive from Texas and make a fun road trip out of the trip too so we could see more of the country. Since we were in for a 25 hour drive (don’t worry, we didn’t do that all in one day), we knew we wouldn’t want to drive the two-ish hours from Calgary to Banff the day after we got there, so we opted to go hiking at a closer trail, up Heart Mountain.

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We started the hike and came to a T in the trail, go right and you go to the Heart Mountain canyon or go left and take the Heart Mountain scramble. We took the canyon trail first, walking along a beautiful creek that took us down to the bottom of a waterfall tucked in at the base of the mountain. We ate lunch sitting on rocks right next to the water, completely taking in the scenery and enjoying our time with each other. After lunch we both wanted to get to the top of Heart Mountain, so we went back to the T in the beginning of the trail and took on the Heart Mountain Scramble. That was the steepest, most challenging hike we’ve done so far, and we’ve hiked our share of mountains, but boy was it a fun hike! At the top we sat and looked at the beautiful views for as far as the eye could see. After taking everything in we decided to head back down and go back into Calgary to eat, but Ben said “Hang on I’m gonna get another drink of water first.” Then he sat his backpack on the ground to get a water bottle out. While he did that I turned around and was taking in the beautiful scenery one last time then turned back around to Ben getting down on one knee with a small box in his hand!!! Then he said “Ashleigh Adcock, will you marry me?” And after a bunch of “are you serious?!” And “is this real?!” Over and over, I finally got out the word “YES!!!” After that, Heart Mountain will always hold a special place in my heart that I’ll never ever forget!

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