Ashleigh and Andrew

How We Met

Andrew is from Minnesota and I am from Florida. We were both relocated for our jobs for the same company to Columbus Ohio. We had an all office party a couple months after we moved there and after that night Andrew kissed me. We knew we were not allowed to date in the office so we avoided each other for 2 months until October came. Many of our coworkers talked about getting together that weekend to do fall activities such pumpkin carving, apple picking, sight seeing the pretty leaves that had changed color, and drinking apple cider. Being from Florida, I had never experienced fall so I was immediately on board. I bit the bullet after the 2 months of awkward silence and asked Andrew if he would like to join the group for the weekend festivities. He was in shock I was actually speaking to him but then smiled and said it sounded great. That Saturday I got a text that he would pick me up at noon. I didn’t realize until then that he had no intentions on joining the group. This was our first date :) We went to one of our now favorite pizza places and then headed down to the apple orchard. After both living in Columbus for a year and I half, we relocated to Florida. We lived in Florida for a year and then relocated yet again to Minnesota. After three relocations across country, Andrew and I were excited to settle down and have more normal schedule in our life. We knew this was the real deal and what was a fling would now be forever.

how they asked

We wanted to keep our first date tradition to the apple orchards when we moved to Minnesota. I thought to myself, “this would be so cute if he proposed at an apple orchard like our first date.” After that day, Andrew didn’t get down on one knee. I didn’t think too much of it because I honestly thought it would maybe propose the following year. He asked me after we got back from the apple orchard, “would you like to have another fall date day together before winter comes?” I knew he was worried this Floridian wouldn’t survive a Minnesotan winter. Two weekends later, we went on our fall date to what I thought was to a pumpkin patch. Of course, I thought we would take a cute picture so I wanted to wear my fall attire I hadn’t worn since we lived in the Midwest. Andrew was wearing dress shoes which I thought was so strange. When I asked him, he simply told me our brand new puppy, Riley, had eaten his other other casual pair of shoes (which was true).

He took me to the University of Minnesota Arboretum which is a beautiful a 1,137 acre garden with the most beautiful color leaves especially in the fall. It was like something out of a movie especially for a Florida girl. I was anxiously looking for area to buy pumpkins but little to my dismay I couldn’t find any. Andrew told me we should go over to this area that looked like it had been set up for an event. All of a sudden, I noticed his hands started get sweaty and his voice get shaky. I felt his nerves which gave me the biggest butterflies and realized right then he was about to propose. He got down on one knee and told me that God brought us together on this journey between Ohio, Florida, and Minnesota. He couldn’t imagine spending his life with anyone else. Asked him if I would make him the happiest man in the world and marry him.

Little did I know, one of his best friends from college was right next to us capturing our moment. Later on that day, he took me to a special place where he has prepared a picnic basket he hid in the trunk. It has champagne for us to toast to and a bridal magazine for fun for me to start planning. He told me he wanted for us to soak up the moment just the two of us for as long we could. We then called our parents to let them know the news. My parents told me a white lie that they were flying from their home in Pittsburgh to Florida for a vacation. Later in that night, Andrew surprised me by flying my parents into Minneapolis where we all had dinner together with Andrew’s parents, sister, and sister’s boyfriend for the first time as a family to celebrate. So safe to say that apple orchards and the fall season, specifically the month of October will always have a special place in our hearts.