Ashleigh and Andrew

Where to Propose in Fox Glacier, New Zealand

How We Met

I’ll start at the beginning! Andy and I met back in August of 2014 when he was out with clients and one of those clients was my girlfriend’s boyfriend (it’s confusing). So, they were at a happy hour and we met the boys there. Andy had moved from Detroit to Pittsburgh to work and although he got my number that fateful night, he texted that night to meet up once all of our friends had separated, but then never followed up after that. It was weeks before I’d heard from him and months before we could even get together! I was working full-time and getting my MBA and he was working full-time, traveling 70% of the time. It was so bad that at one point, he offered to bring a cup of coffee or a sandwich to meet me when I was on break during my night classes! We eventually got together for a few dates and the rest is HowTheyAsked history!

How They Asked

Fast forward three years later and Andy received an offer to take a job overseas, in Bangkok, Thailand. We had always imagined living abroad, and he jumped at the opportunity.

I left my job, family and my hometown (I had never left Pittsburgh in 31 years except to live in DC for a summer in college) and booked a one-way ticket to Thailand (we soon after were transferred to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)! We were overseas for about six months when Andy and I planned a 16 day trip to New Zealand. We rented a camper van, starting in the North Island and headed south to cover both islands over the course of two weeks. As if the trip and country itself weren’t magnificent enough, Andy totally surprised me with a proposal on Fox Glacier in South Island, New Zealand! It was my first time on a helicopter and we were almost not let on the helicopter because Andy was a bit over the weight limit.

They told us to still show up the day of and they’d see if they could balance out the helicopter weight to make it safe for everyone. We arrived, they weighed us in and we were in! We got set up with four Malaysian ladies and I got put in the front seat. To say I was freaking out doesn’t even begin to cover it! Though I was quite verbal about my anxieties, Andy was silently freaking out because he was hiding a diamond ring in his gloves! I was far too stressed to even realize he may have been acting strangely. We landed safely on Fox Glacier and began to hike around with our tour group. Again, I was completely oblivious and had no idea. In hindsight, Andy asked how I hadn’t noticed that he was being really protective of his gloves and kept them on basically the entire time.. no, that wasn’t weird to me!

Ashleigh and Andrew's Engagement in Fox Glacier, New Zealand

We were on a glacier after all! We ventured in and out of one ice cave after another until our tour guide got a call that we would need to cut our hike a bit short, as some bad weather was rolling in and we may get stuck on the glacier overnight if we didn’t haul it out of there. Now… that was not comforting to hear, in addition to thinking about a rushed helicopter ride on top of the weather rolling in! It was an intense moment. Andy pulled me behind in the last ice cave and started his schpiel, but little did I know, he was proposing!

I was so flustered that I kept repeating “What are you talking about?” probably five times or so. He was crying and pulled the ring out of his glove and I didn’t even know what finger it went on! We still laugh about it to this day and he says he’s not even sure that I said yes! He proposed with a band because he was far too nervous to bring that rock on the glacier! We came out of the ice cave and everyone was so excited for us. What a trip!! We are planning our wedding in the U.S. for the Fall of 2020 and cannot wait!