Ashleigh and Amer

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How We Met

I was moving from Utah to Virginia with the help of my mom. I am originally from Colorado, so I have heard about humidity but was not expecting it to be that hot and humid in July! I was tired of driving over 26 hours and just could not wait to get settled into my new apartment. While we were moving the boxes into my new apartment, Amer asked my mom if we needed help. She then told me my new neighbor was offering to help us move my extremely heavy boxes. Me being stubborn, I told him we didn’t need any help but I was sweating and I could see my mom was exhausted as well. So after he asked a few times I agreed to let him help us finish moving the big boxes I would have had trouble with. When he finished I thanked him and he said if I needed anything else to let him know. The next day he catches my mom and I carrying my not so light TV up the stairs. I could tell he was surprised I didn’t ask for help but I am pretty stubborn and I don’t like asking for help.

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The day my mom went back home I came home to a note on my door. It was from Amer, offering to take me to get coffee or frozen yogurt, which I wasn’t into either one but there was something about him and I wanted to get to know him. I sent text him that night and we agreed to just meet after he was done coaching sand soccer to his team of cute five year old kids. We hung out or saw each other every day for two weeks before we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend. In between those two weeks we clicked right away and we felt like we have known each other our whole lives. It’s always been easy to talk, hang out, and travel with Amer

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how they asked

Fast forward two and a half year later, we went on a cruise for New Years. I had a feeling he would do it on the cruise, so I kept asking him but he would tell me he was planning on proposing between February and April. He would say it so much that I eventually believed him. We had an amazing time on the cruise and an even more interesting time at Nassua, our first stop in the Bahamas. Amer and I love to travel and try new foods but his sister, her boyfriend and the other couple with us do not like to try new foods. We stayed back and tried some amazing food while the rest of our crew went back on the ship to eat. When we got back to the room Amer showered fast and went straight up to the top deck to meet our friends. I stayed back to shower and braid my hair, that’s why I told Amer he could shower first and I can just meet him up there. Once I showered I just wanted to stay back and take a nap but I talked myself out of it because I know Amer would be worried and would wonder what happened to me.

I got ready and headed to the serenity deck, where we all would meet because it’s not crowded and it’s 21 and over. When I walked onto the deck I noticed a small breeze, so when I saw Amer I asked for the towel he had brought up from the room. He said he must have left it on a different chair and they had moved to a table due to the wind but he didn’t seem like it was a big deal. I thought this was weird because you have to pay if you lose the towels and it’s not like Amer to just forget something. I also noticed there were six drinks on the table and everyone had one in front of them except a blowfish shaped drink off to the side. Naturally I asked whose drink it was, Amer was just sitting there not saying anything, so our friend said it was Amer’s sister’s drink.

They tell me to try it but I tried her drink the day before in the same cup. She then says it’s a different flavor and everyone was really pushing me to try the drink and Amer was still just sitting there not saying still. I picked the cup up and noticed it’s pretty empty and everyone was watching my every move. When I took a drink there was nothing in there, not even a little slurp or anything. So now I was thinking it was someone else’s drink and they are playing a trick on me. They can tell I was confused and I even asked if the cup was there when they got to the table but they were consistent on their story. I kept expressing that the cup was empty and I thought they were playing a joke on me. I was extremely confused when they said to up the blowfish and to see what was inside. When I opened the cup I noticed a note that said Ashleigh Will You Marry Me? I look over to my side and Amer is down on one knee. I was in complete shock and could not believe he was proposing to me. Of course I said yes to the love of my life!!

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Behind the proposal. Amer was hiding the ring in the towel that’s why he said he left it on a chair and didn’t seem worried about it. He also had a plan for the waiter to bring the drink to me but it took him five minutes to explain to the waiter he didn’t want alcohol in the cup, just the note. He also told him to bring it once I got to the table but he ended up bringing it with everyone’s drinks.

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