Ashleigh and Aaron

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How We Met

Aaron and I met our freshman year of college, in our biology class at Georgia College. On the first day, our professor made us introduce ourselves and say where we were from. When it was Aaron’s turn, it said he was from Wrens, Georgia (fun fact: He’s actually from Louisville, Georgia which is like a 10 minute drive from Wrens). I whipped my head around as fast as I could because one of the girls who lived on my dorm hall was from Wrens too!! sidenote: Wrens is a tiny little town so I knew she had to know him. Me being me, I rushed back to our dorm and told Mal that this guy from Wrens was in my biology class and that she probably knew him- turns out she did! (how amazing is it that on that first day he fibbed a little and said he was from Wrens and that I just so happened to know someone from Wrens. can we talk about how clear it was that God was in that moment with us??)

After a lot of Facebook stalking and awkward texting (I mean we literally sounded like middle schoolers), we started studying for biology together and going to Wesley. Experiencing each other’s faith and Christ’s love for us together is when I truly started to fall in love with him. We met one night at Blackbird (our small college town’s coffee shop) and he asked me if I would in fact be his girlfriend (like I said, we basically acted like middle schoolers). Since then we have pursued each other, loved fiercely, and started to dance through our journey together.

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how they asked

Part of our biology class freshman year was to volunteer at Lockerly Arboretum, which is one of Milledgeville’s hidden beauties. Aaron and I have always admired Lockerly and its become one of our favorite places to go.

After I was done with student teaching for the day, Aaron had left a note with an address on it telling me to meet him there at 4pm. Immediately, I got butterflies and wondered if it was actually it. I put the address in my GPS (if you know me, you know I am severely directionally challenged and can even fool a GPS), and I knew where I was headed. On the note, he said to follow the gravel path and that I’d meet him at our spot, so when I got to Lockerly, that’s where I headed. At the end of the gravel lot, there sits a bridge that goes over the pond to a little “island” where he was waiting. I started bawling the minute I saw him, and he grabbed my hand and said hey, I love you and I want to read you something, and then he got down on one knee. Aaron had written a note to me, expressing his love for me, his desires for our life together, and his wishes for me (when people talk about the ugly cry, well..I think I mastered it that day). Y’all….that note was the sweetest and most heartfelt thing I have ever heard in my life. After I screamed YES!, Aaron prayed for our future together.

We are both still in awe that we get to love each other forever and we are so excited to continue dancing through life together!!

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