Ashlee and Daniel

Where to Propose in Essex House, Central Park South, New York City

How We Met

Daniel and I met 10 years ago when we both frequented a local night spot. Daniel had noticed me a couple of times but had not built up the courage to introduce himself. I had also noticed him however I thought one of his friends may have been his girlfriend so I didn’t approach him either. One night Daniel happened to be behind me in a very busy bar line, I started chatting to him and was excited to find out how intelligent he was. We often spent hours talking about science and the universe, discussing where we wanted to travel and how we were going to build an empire. We’ve been inseparable ever since. Daniel has always been my best friend who never has to go home from sleepovers.

How They Asked

On Christmas morning we woke up to our gorgeous Central Park view at Essex House, New York City. We played Christmas jazz and enjoyed a long champagne breakfast with all the trimmings in our pajamas. There was a little slow dancing by our little Christmas tree and then we began to open presents. Daniel chose a particularly small present from under the tree which was for me. I cheekily took off the bow and stuck it to him. As I unwrapped the paper I was beginning to notice Daniel’s nervousness. He asked if he could help open the box inside and was already kneeling on the floor. He told me how much he loved me and asked me to stay with him forever. I said “yes” and kissed him before he was finished asking and had even opened the box. As he opened the box he said: “will you marry me, baby?”. I got to say yes twice! I smothered him in kisses. We went for a walk in Central Park together and I kept asking Daniel to “ask me again” all day, just so I could keep saying yes. It was perfect, relaxed and so us. Oh, and the ring… is divine!

Ashlee and Daniel's Engagement in Essex House, Central Park South, New York City

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