Ashlee and Tyler

How We Met

Tyler and I met through mutual friends..from the very first day we met, there was an instant connection..we were inseparable. Almost 2 years later and we’ve never been apart for more than a few days.

how they asked

I just got home from work and was doing the laundry, and our dog was in the back yard..he kept telling me to go ahead and let him in, I told him I’d wait a little bit because I still had my work clothes on and I didn’t want shooter to get me dirty..he finally asked me a few more times and I gave in and decided to walk to the sunroom, as I walked in there was a letter hanging in the door telling me how much he loved me and hoped we had many more years together.. At the bottom of the letter it said..”ps, did you see shooters new tag?” I then let Shooter in to look at his tag that said “Will you marry my dad” as I slowly got to my feet and turned around, Tyler was right behind me with my beautiful ring, of course I said yes!