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We met five years ago May 2013 at work. He was the sales manager and I was a photographer working my summer job at the beach. Skip 3 years I became pregnant with our daughter so we wanted to go on one more beautiful trip before everything changed they call it a “baby moon”. We were in Key West for a week it was a Tuesday the hottest day of the week everyone was being so pushy to get to dinner on time so we could make sure to make it to the sunset at Mallory square. Well I’m 7 months pregnant every inch of me is hot and swollen all I wanted to do was nap in the pool. Everyone finally gets me up showered and ready (it took an army). All through dinner everyone is being super nice to me which I was used to at this time because I was about to pop in the next few months. We start the 10 minute walk to sunset square after a few breaks we finally made it. The sun is setting the performers are singing and dancing my dad wants to take a picture of my finance Tim and I which is very normal for my dad he’s the picture guy. Of course he cant just snap one picture and I get very sassy “Dad stop I need water” “I’m so hot and sticky” “uhg this is torture” “Are you guys trying to kill me” then I realize Tim is no longer standing next to me he’s down on one knee asking me to marry him I scream “Yes! If you get me water!” Now we have a beautiful 2 year old daughter Olive Rose and we will be getting married this October in the Outer Banks. That’s our not so romantic but beautiful proposal story.

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