Ashlee and Spencer

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How We Met

Spencer and I met the evening of Saturday, March 7th, 2015. After a long work day and a random last minute business call to one of my campaign partners regarding some last minute media planning details, I received a last minute invite from him to a weekend trip to Mammoth (this was only one day the before the trip, which was on a Friday). I said, ‘Um yes!’ faster than I could think about, ‘oh wait, how am I going to get this approved?!’. Work amazingly gave a couple of us girls the permission to go and before you could second guess that we were really going, we were all loaded into a party bus ready to get drunk and have a great time! The next day was filled with teaching my co-workers how to snowboard and get down the mountain safely.

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That night we all took the buses to Rafters restaurant for dinner, drinks and live music. A group of us from all different companies were at a booth together and one of the guys in the group had casually mentioned that two of his friends were going to join as they also were on a random snowboarding trip to Mammoth since that morning. After about two Kentucky Mules in, I saw two guys walk by and their friend yelling over at them telling us that was his friends. I said, ‘Hey friends! Go steal some chairs in that private party room and come sit next to our table!’ They were reluctant, but I was more convincing. Little did I know, the bouncer outside had told them this was a private event and Spencer’s friend, Adam, had said they were on the list (he was a good BSer as there haven’t been a list, hahaha!) I’m still not sure how they were let inside, but I’m glad they were… During dinner and after more drinks were had all around, I was getting tired of all the work talk, when I heard one of the guys friend mention scuba diving. I turned and saw that one of the guys was talking about how he was a scuba instructor and my co-workers mentioned that I was as well. We talked a bit about scuba and then we all moved to the bar/live band area. We finally managed to exchange numbers after we both realized we hit it off and lived really close to each other.

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how they asked

For our two year dating-versary, we decided to head back to Mammoth for a snowshoeing/snowboarding trip. During that trip, I shared my present that we were going to head to Cancun later that summer! Spencer has always wanted to scuba dive in a cave and without having to get special training first, I found that with a certified guide, you can scuba dive the Yucatán Cenotes, which are gorgeous if you have never seen photos of them! Little did I know that he was planning to propose to me on this trip! We finished our first dive out of the two Cenotes dives (El Pit), which was a tad frightening as it was a deep dive, but not frightening because it was deep and dark, but because my dive gear (regulator) decided to flood as I descended down following our guide, Alfredo (of Luum-Ha Divers) and Spencer just following behind me. I signaled to both Alfredo and Spencer that something was wrong and gave the ascend signal. After surfacing and taking a deep breath, Alfredo checked the gear and had me use my back up (octopus regulator) breathing device for this dive. After this dive, we had some lunch and were on our way to the second dive called Tajma-Ha. The ‘Ha’ part in each Cenotes name is Mayan for Water.

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Once we arrived at the dive site, we unloaded and prepped our gear after walking down to the entrance of the dive. Alfredo and Fernando (Alfredos Dive-master/Assistant) were able to fix my main regulator, so that was a big relief! As I am sure Spencer had some butterflies about everything going as planned, he went to the bathroom and as I was also nervous (because this was a more cave like dive; dark and narrow following a guide line) I followed him to join, but the bathroom was too small. He was putting on a necklace that was looped around the ring! After he came out l, I went in and had the poop of the century! Haha. I guess I was in there for a while, which gave Spencer extra time to prep by the van with Alfredo and Fernando putting the last details together of the proposal and where it would happen.

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Once I came back from the bathroom it was game time! Alfredo had told me to remember the name Sugar Bowl, but I thought it was because it was for a quiz later. Little did I know that was where Spencer popped the question! Cave diving rules are as follows, the rule of thirds. You use 1/3 of your air to go in, the second 1/3 to come back and the last 1/3 to ascend or for emergencies. During the dive, I was worried I wouldn’t make it to the halfway point with enough air left, but I did! Alfredo gave the signal and we were on our way back around to the other side of the Sugar Bowl. Once we got there, the light rays shining through were so unique and mesmerizing!

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Fernando was on my right side and I thought we were going to take a photo, but Alfredo (right in front of me) was pointing over to Spencer. To my confusion, Spencer tapped on my mask and as I turned to look at him, he was pulling the necklace/ring out of his wet-suit. I squealed and nodded, YES! Spencer sprung open his dive slate (like an under white board) and it said written, ‘Marry Me?’

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I fumbled a bit having never used a dive slate before and wrote my reply, which said, ‘Oh Yes!’ We surfaced and kissed as a newly engaged couple! It was a one of a kind engagement and I couldn’t be happier to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

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