Ashlee and Ryan

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How We Met

We met labor day weekend of 2011. I was away at college in Murray Kentucky and my roommate was one of my best friends from high school. She knew Ryan from middle school. When we came home that weekend from school she ran into Ryan and started talking to him about how they should catch up. Well, my roommate, myself and another one of our good friends all met up for dinner that Saturday, we went to Qdoba. While we were eating and talking I was telling them about how my mom had thrown away my toothbrush so I needed to get a new one and thats when my friend that knew Ryan was like oh my friend works at Meijer and he said for us to go visit him. After we ate that is where we went. We all met for the first time and when Ryan and I were introduced we just kinda said hello to each other and that was it. We didn’t speak much more that night. Then a few days later once I was back at school I requested him on Facebook and we started talking again on there and then exchanged numbers and started texting and talking on the phone. This went on for a few weeks and then on September 23rd, 2011 he asked me to be his girlfriend. I will forever owe my mom for throwing away my toothbrush because if it wasnt for that I would’ve never gotten to meet Ryan.

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how they asked

I am a big animal lover and Ryan knows that. We had been trying to plan a day to go up to northern Kentucky to the newport aquarium for a while. My brother and sister in law had been wanting to go and so had my sister. The 5 of us always hang out and do stuff together so it wasn’t strange to me that they tagged along. Then also one of Ryan’s really good friends is a single mother and had been wanting to take her little boy up their but didn’t want to make the drive all alone as it is 2 hours away, so that made sense and again didn’t think anything of it. Also lastly one of Ryan’s really good friends who he’s seen as a mentor his whole life came along too with his kids but again I never thought anything about it because we get lunch with him a lot and hang out with him so it wasn’t strange that he met up with us. Ryan told me that he had reserved tickets for us for a dive show at 2:20pm and that we had to go to that one because thats when he got the tickets. Well, we get to the aquarium, eat lunch and then start walking around. We end up at the stop where the dive show is and there is one that had just started so I asked if we could just watch this one because then we would have to back track to come back and he told me no that he specifically got it for the 2:20 show, so I said okay. We walk around a little bit and see all the different fishes and animals and then make our way back to the area where the show is. Well the dive show has divers come out in the tank with sting rays and sting ray sharks and will give some information about them. Well, an employee talks about the show and talks to the divers and then the divers answer the questions and give the information its really neat. Well once the show was over the employee made an announcement that everyone once in a while they do a contest where two people from the audience get selected to come up and take pictures with the divers. Next thing I know our names are being called. We go up and stand in front of the glass and the aquarium has someone there taking pictures of us as well as my brother, sister in law, sister, and our friends. Little did I know that behind me the divers were pulling a sign out of the sand that reads will you marry me. So were standing up there taking pictures for what seems like forever because I have a lot of strangers staring at me and the aquarium employee that did the show said “now I need you to do me one big favor and turn around and look at the glass.” I turned around and there was the sign will you marry me and I am in complete shock and look at Ryan and he is down on one knee. After 6 years of being together my best friend decided to keep me.

Special Thanks

Emily Dietzman | 
She helped Ryan a lot with my ring and holding onto the ring the whole day
Allison Dietzman | 
She helped Ryan a lot with the planning
Adam Dietzman | 
He helped Ryan through it all