Ashlee and Mike

Wedding Proposal Ideas in City Park, New Orleans

How We Met

We were introduced through friends who set us up on a blind date. Ashlee worked with the woman, Michelle, and Mike worked with her husband, Dan. Ashlee had been telling Michelle all about her online dating woes and how she just wanted to meet a nice guy. Michelle had mentioned Mike to Ashlee a year before when she had become single, but Ashlee wasn’t ready to get into another serious relationship. Alas, one year passed and Ashlee and Mike were both single again! So Michelle texted Mike and gave him the details for a date, and that was that!
During our engagement photos we went back to where we had our first date – Hungry Brew Hops In Newmarket, ON. We sat at the same table, ordered the same drinks and ate the same food that we did on the evening that changed our lives forever. For his meal, Mike had chosen what he thought would be a safe bet for a first date… pizza. Little did he know, that pizza came out with CHUNKS of garlic on it. Clearly, Mike’s charm outweighed his garlic breath because here we are years later taking photos for our engagement.

Ashlee's Proposal in City Park, New Orleans

Where to Propose in City Park, New Orleans

Ashlee and Mike's Engagement in City Park, New Orleans

Proposal Ideas City Park, New Orleans

Marriage Proposal Ideas in City Park, New Orleans

how they asked

The proposal was the cutest thing ever. We were in New Orleans over Christmas and New Years. It was absolutely freezing which is very uncommon for New Orleans, but the one nice day of our vacation we went to City Park. This park is right out of a fairy tale! Huge cypress trees that are hundreds of years old, acres upon acres of greens, ponds, cute cafes, a children’s amusement park, an art gallery and a little trolley that takes you through the whole thing! We were there for hours and just loving the day. Ashlee kept saying how it was one of the best days of her life, and little did she know, it was about to get better! Upon departure, Mike asked Ashlee to take one more walk by a pond near the street car back to their hotel. For a second, Ashlee thought it was strange, because it was a little off the trail, but being in this fairy tale, she went with it. They walked under the ancient trees and stopped at a bench for a “drink of water”. Ashlee again thought it was weird that we needed to sit to have some water because we’d been walking and drinking all day! But she went with it, now kind of expecting Mike to pop the question. But he didn’t. Instead, he asked her to go BACK the same way they just came and get a picture under one of the cypress trees that had some turtles hanging out under it. As soon as he asked a passing couple to take a photo, Ashlee knew. She didn’t even let him ask. She just kept saying “NO! NO! ARE YOU PROPOSING RIGHT NOW?!?! NO WAY!! HERE??? THIS IS AMAZING!” Finally Mike told her to be quiet and let him talk. To which he asked for her hand in marriage and popped out the most stunning ring. A gold bang with a big honking dark blue sapphire! And of course, she said YES.

Special Thanks

Megan Ernst
 | Photographer