Ashlee and Kris' Flash Mob Proposal at Target Field

mexico2How we met: Kris and I met for the very first time the Fall of 2010 while both working a shift as pharmacists at the same store.

We never ended up exchanging contact info that day and didn’t see each other again until November 2011.

Kris was given a project to work on for Walgreens and I received an email from him at the store I was pharmacy manager at at that time asking to meet with me about this new project. I remember being so excited to see him again!

Of course, however, that morning I overslept and had to rush to get ready before work as I was so nervous.

When he came walking into my pharmacy that Wednesday I’ll never forget the feeling I had, never had I felt so many butterflies in my stomach.image

He and I barely made eye contact, fumbled through our words and I felt like the room was 110 degrees!

He left after our meeting and I got a text soon after from a mutual friend of ours, Adam, that he forwarded to me of what Kris had just wrote to him and it was something like, “you have got to set me up with Ashlee”.

Adam gave him my number (with my permission of course!) and when I got that first text from Kris I felt my heart drop.

We met up that next Saturday and I knew from that day on that he was the one for me!

how they asked: My good friend that I work with, Cori, had asked me a couple months before the engagement if Kris and I wanted to go to a MN Twins game with her and her husband. She told me to invite any friends that I wanted and that she would ask her friends to join too.

Well, as I found out later this was all part of the engagement surprise for me!

I texted some of my girlfriends in the weeks leading up to the game if they wanted to go, and they all had such great responses. A couple days before the game my cousin’s wife texted me to let me know that they were going to that game as well and asked if Kris and I wanted to join as we live downtown close to the field. I had no idea they were all in on it! I remember telling Kris how excited I was to get to spend that game with friends and family and how fun of a day it would be.

The morning of the engagement was a rainy day, but Kris had plans to go golfing with one of my best friend’s husband (or so I thought!), I would later find out that he was going to meet everyone to practice the flash mob dance. Cori had said that she would pick me and Kris up at 11am to grab a bite to eat and a drink before the baseball game. Well, true to my usual fashion, I was running late and didn’t think Kris would get back from “golfing” on time, so I text her to come more like 11:30-noon. I had no idea they were all together and freaking out because the mob had to start at 12:10pm. She played it off cool that her husband just really wanted to get some food before the game and I didn’t want to be rude so I managed to get ready quick, I threw on my hat and jacket and they were at my door to get us at 11:30. Kris had come home right before as he was done “golfing”.

When we got to Target Field we met up with my friends and family as I had been texting them that it would be fun to all meet up before the game. A couple of the girls told me that they were giving away a prize to the first 1,000 people to the game that day and that they really wanted one. What a clever way to get me to the gate 45 min before the start of the game! As we approached the gates, I was chatting with Cori and heard some music start playing, but didn’t think much of it until I saw 2 girls just start dancing.

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Next thing I knew, I spotted 40 of my friends and 40 random people all doing the most amazing flash mob dance…Kris jumped in too!

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I’m so thankful I have the video to watch as I was so shocked and surprised at the time, I was shaking like crazy and could barely contain my excitement.

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When he caught the ring box, got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife, I experienced the greatest moment of my life thus far.

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