Ashlee and Jacob

how they asked: Jake told me we were going to go ride horses on the beach and grab dinner after.

PettyjohnJones Proposal4

We got to the beach and of course I brought the hottest horse to ride and he was jigging the entire time. Jake got off his horse, Tater Tot and asked me to switch horses with him. I told him “No, I’m riding Dallas”. He asked a couple more times and I finally gave in.  We were both off our horses getting ready to switch when he got down on one knee and proposed.

PettyjohnJones Proposal5

He had a photographer there incognito pretending to take pictures of the birds, who captured it all.  After the proposal, totally stunned, we took the rest of our pictures on the beach.  This was the happiest day of my life so far, and my stubborn pride almost got in the way of it because I didn’t want to switch horses.

PettyjohnJones Proposal2
PettyjohnJones Proposal6

PettyjohnJones Proposal7

Photos by: Jimmy De Photography